2 accounts or several accounts on Aliexpress in Russian: how to do?

Want to create 2 or more accounts on Aliexpress? Read the article to know if this is possible.

Aliexpress is constantly attracting new customers, luring them with various discount coupons.

If you do not yet have an account on Ali, then you can register (read the article on how to do it correctly) and take advantage of the great opportunity to get discount coupons. You can also watch video instructions and register for them.

If you already have one account on this trading platform, you may want to create another one in order to receive such bonuses. As a result, the buyer makes 2 accounts or several accounts on Aliexpress in Russian, receives coupons, uses a discount. But this on Aliexpress is considered a fraud, and one fine day, the payment is rejected, the order becomes closed, and all accounts are banned.

2 accounts or several accounts on Aliexpress in Russian

How to make two accounts on Aliexpress | Aliexpress in Russian? How to open a second account?

Warning: The network has many sites that offer download emulators. The creators of these resources convince that with the help of such programs you can change the IP address and other settings, and then without problems you can create another account on Aliexpress. But instead of an emulator at such sites, you can download a virus that will damage your system. Do not pay attention to such offers.

The new rules on Aliexpress have come into effect recently, and now the presence of several accounts belonging to one user by this trading platform is not acceptable. She applies sanctions to all accounts and blocks them permanently.

When can I need two or more accounts? If the family has one payment card, and the family members who use it are several. In this case, you can consider creating multiple accounts:

Go to Aliexpress. Create a new profile using this link. Fill in all the fields and click "Create".

Is it possible to have two accounts on Aliexpress | Aliexpress in Russian?

Indicate the details of the payment card used by all family members. It must be registered with you in the first account. Shipping address will also be the same. The result will be several accounts with different personal data, but with the same delivery address and payment card.

Important: The system can identify the information received, and will ask you to confirm the registration using the code sent in the SMS message. In most cases, the site administration blocks all accounts on the same IP address, but often users manage to purchase goods at a discount.

If blocking does occur, then you will have to create a new page on a different IP address, with a different cell phone number. In general, you can create 2 or more accounts on Aliexpress, but be prepared to take the most stringent measures of the site’s administration in relation to them: blocking, sudden closing of orders and so on.

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