Valoserdin - instructions for use: dosage, indications, contraindications, analogues, reviews. Valoserdin: what helps, how quickly it starts to act, how is it different from Valocordin? Valoserdin: increases or decreases pressure?

The drug Valoserdin is extremely popular, although it has many analogues. But let's take a closer look at the medication.

In the treatment of cardiac and neurological diseases, the drug Valoserdin is often used. Due to its composition, the drug has a calming and relaxing effect.

Valoserdin: indications, side effects, contraindications

Active substances normalize the work of the heart muscle. The action of the plant extract is aimed at coordinating the work of blood vessels and preventing the occurrence of acute spasms.

The drug Valoserdin is recommended for use with the following abnormalities in the body:

  • increased nervousness
  • hot temper
  • sleep disturbance
  • heart muscle discomfort
  • frequent pressure surges
  • vascular wall deformity leading to spasm
  • increased work of the heart muscle
  • gastrointestinal pain

Valoserdin is contraindicated in the following body features:

  • allergic reaction to the active components of the drug
  • abnormalities in the liver and kidneys
  • during the period of gestation and lactation
  • age restrictions
  • alcohol addiction
  • head injuries.

Valoserdin treatment is not accompanied by pronounced side effects.

To calm

If the dosage of the drug is abused, the following manifestations are possible:

  • indifference and lethargy
  • visual infection
  • inflammation of the nasal mucosa
  • depressed state
  • bleeding disorder
  • not well coordinated work of the limbs
  • lethargy and dizziness

With a significant overdose of the drug occurs tachycardia and malfunction of the respiratory system. In the most severe cases, pressure drops sharply and a coma sets in. If such symptoms occur, urgent medical advice and body washing is necessary.

The simultaneous use of drugs with a similar effect leads to an undesirable result.

Before taking several medications, pay attention to their interaction:

  • With simultaneous use with sedative drugs, the effect of Valoserdin doubles.
  • The components of Valoserdin increase the effect of psychotropic drugs and tranquilizers.
  • It inhibits the action of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system.
  • The use of the drug with alcohol turns the beneficial effect of Valoserdin into toxic.
  • Reduces the effectiveness of antimicrobials, antibiotics and anticoagulants.
  • The active substance phenobarbital reduces the protective function of contraceptives and some antifungal drugs.
  • Increases the toxic properties of methotrexate.

Valoserdin: increases or decreases pressure?

The drug Valoserdin has established itself as an effective and fast-acting agent. In older people, an affordable over-the-counter medicine is completely trustworthy.

Under reduced pressure the drug is not a solution to this problem. Its main purpose is a sedative and antispasmodic effect. The active components of the drug have calming effect on the nervous system, which in turn leads to lowering blood pressure. Of great importance is the effect on the expansion of the walls of blood vessels. Normalization of blood circulation also stabilizes high blood pressure.

Valoserdin has a inhibitory effect on motor activity, attention and reaction. Therefore, drivers should refrain from using the drug during the working day. In people with drug dependence, the active ingredients of the drug can be addictive.


As a rule, the drug is prescribed for a period of 7 to 14 days. Longer use is addictive and reduces effectiveness. Storage of the drug in a dark place at room temperature allows you to preserve its properties for two years. The drug is not prescribed to persons under 18 years of age. As an exception, the drug is prescribed for children in a dosage of 1 drop per year of a child's life.

Before buying a drug, it is important to remember that any independent treatment can lead to undesirable reactions in the body. Despite the mass of positive reviews, the drug Valoserdin requires a detailed study of the instructions and strict adherence to medical recommendations. An affordable drug is not inferior in its action to many expensive drugs.

Valoserdin: dosage, analogues - how quickly it starts to act, how is it different from Valocordin?

Many people are familiar with the name of the medicine and have it in their medicine cabinet, but at the same time they ask themselves how to take the drug Valoserdin.

Colorless drops with a characteristic herbal aftertaste are taken orally and have a quick effect. Most appropriate take them before meals, diluting with water in a ratio of 1: 2. Depending on the course of treatment, the drug can be purchased in different volumes.

Recommended Adult Dosage 10 to 20 drops several times a day. With some deviations, an increase in the daily norm is possible. The duration of the course of treatment must be agreed with the doctor.

The drug Valoserdin has many analogues, the main difference between which is the pricing policy.

  • The drug is most similar to the drug Valocordin. The difference in its components in the absence of plant extract of oregano. The main advantage of Valoserdin is in domestic production, which reduces the cost of the drug compared to German Valocordin. A medicinal analogue was released as an alternative to Luminal, which was popular among patients with epilepsy and sleep disturbance. Luminal's contraindications prompted pharmacists to create a medication with a more gentle effect. The addition of valerian extract and hop cones reduced the percentage of phenobarbital, while maintaining vasodilating and sedative properties.
  • A worthy replacement for Valoserdin is the drug Corvalol. Providing the same therapeutic effect, Corvalol has one advantage - a lower price. Corvalol was released in the post-war period due to disruptions in the production of Valocordin.
There are analogues
  • Has a similar effect Valemidil. The medicine helps to maintain self-control in tense situations, contributes to a calm fall asleep, normalizes pressure indicators. Active substances relieve heart pain and reduce nervousness.
  • You can partially replace the drug Donormil. The medicine is responsible for the quality and duration of sleep.
  • The drug has a sedative and sedative effect. Carmolis. The medicine is made from natural ingredients.
  • More expensive but effective sedatives are drugs Persen and Novo-Passit.

The main advantage of the drug Valoserdin is a minimal side effect and the possibility of prolonged use without addiction. In some cases, the body becomes addicted to active substances, which weakens its therapeutic effect. The use of the drug in large doses has a toxic effect of bromine.

Attempts to ban availability have repeatedly resumed. as part of phenobarbital medicines, since its action is psychotropic. In many countries of Europe, a substance is equated with a drug and is prohibited for sale. We have the same drugs used by most people of advanced age. According to numerous reviews, the effect of the drug is effective and indispensable. Most often, the drug is used as a sedative, as well as for heart pain.

Positive patient reviews when taking Valoserdin:

  • “I saw the drug for the first time in my parents’ medicine cabinet. When I got acquainted with the instructions, I was interested in a small number of adverse reactions. I decided to apply it to my own ailments. Valoserdin became an indispensable assistant in stressful situations. It is enough to drink 12-15 drops and after 5-10 minutes per shift peace of mind comes with peace and a little drowsiness. "
  • "Due to life circumstances, a need for a sedative arose. I am critical of taking medications, but Valocordin completely met my needs. For a little money I got an effective remedy. It quickly normalizes the nervous system. The only drawback is a very unpleasant odor."
  • "Due to prolonged insomnia, I was forced to seek medical help. They prescribed the drug Valoserdin. From the second day of admission, the night's sleep completely normalized. I drank the full course of treatment, I am very pleased. I take the drug."
  • "Gastrointestinal cramps began to disturb the nervous system. I began to take various drugs at my discretion. Valoserdin was advised at the pharmacy. I took them only in the mornings. On the third day, the cramps disappeared. I noticed that I became more calm in responding to surrounding events. I recommend the drug to friends."
  • "She witnessed the effective action of the drug. The employee, as a result of excessive physical exertion, had acute pain in the heart muscle. She had difficulty breathing. Valoserdin was quickly injected and after a few minutes the acute condition was relieved. I came to the conclusion that the drug should be in every medicine cabinet "
After applying the reviews are positive

Valoserdin is not a guarantee of your recovery. He only provides first aid for acute heart, muscle and neurological symptoms.