Biotredin - instructions for use, analogues, reviews of doctors. Biotredin and glycine together, phenibut and biotredin at the same time: how and when to take?

This article is about biotredin, a drug that treats many diseases that only astronauts used to treat, and now it is available to everyone.

Biotredin - a combined action drug, refers to nootropics, consisting of an amino acid essential for humans - threonine and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride). The drug improves mental ability, metabolism, and especially helps to combat alcohol dependence.

Biotredin - instructions for use

The drug biotredin

Biotredin helps:

  • Cure chronic alcoholism. For treatment, 1-3 tablets are taken 2-3 times a day, for 4-5 days, the course is repeated 5-10 times a year.
  • Alcoholics of the second and third stages after prolonged use of alcoholic beverages first day take 1-4 tablets 3-4 times a day, second day and on - 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day, the course of treatment is 21-28 days, but 10-14 days are also possible, depending on the condition of the patient.
  • During the period of disappearance of obvious manifestations of alcoholism, but perhaps there is still a latent attraction to alcohol, take 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day before meals, for 5-10 days.

Biotredin Indications

Biotredin Helps Improve Brain Performance

Biotredin treats such conditions of the body:

  • Chronic alcoholism
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Cope with internal discomfort and irritability
  • Enhances mental ability
  • Stimulates brain function and helps its performance
  • After stress cheers up
  • Suppresses distraction and helps to concentrate
  • Helps reduce mental stress
  • Helps balance the nervous system

Biotredin contraindications, side effects

After drinking alcohol, the effect of biotredin decreases

Biotredin has the following contraindications:

  • Do not take pills after taking alcohol, as the therapeutic effect is reduced.
  • Biotredin is incompatible with antipsychotics (propazine, etaperazine, teralen, sulpiride, clozapine), used in various nervous disorders.
  • Biotredin is incompatible with antidepressants (moclobemide, befol, topoxatone, pyrazidol, imipramine, anafranil).
  • Biotredin is incompatible with tranquilizers (diazepam, atarax, frisium, oxylidine), which treat anxiety, fear, excessive emotional tension.
  • Biotredin is incompatible with barbiturates (barbital, hexobarbital), used in diseases of the nervous system and epilepsy.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding, but if a pregnant woman abuses alcohol, then the doctor still prescribes biotredin.
  • If your body is extremely sensitive to the drug.

Biotredin is a gentle medicine, and side effects have not yet been identified.

Biotredin for children

Biotredin treats many childhood diseases

Pediatricians prescribe nootropics with a lack of amino acids and improper absorption of protein in the body of a child.

This is expressed by the condition of the child:

  • Inhibition in the development of the psyche and speech
  • Mental retardation of a child from peers

Doctors recommend Biotredin and other nootropics for such childhood diseases:

  • With various lesions of the nervous system (stuttering, nervous tics, a small child is silent for a long time).
  • With cerebral palsy.
  • With attention deficit disorder (your baby cannot play calmly, get along with surrounding children, concentrate).

Also biotredin or glycine doctors prescribe children under 14 years old to increase mental abilities and attention. And yet, for children, doctors often prescribe glycine.

Tablets should be dissolved under the tongue. The dosage is taken 2 mg per 1 kg of the child’s weight. The course of treatment is 3-10 days.

Adolescents to improve brain activity 1 tablet of biotredin should be absorbed under the tongue 2-3 times a day, 3-10 days. The course is preferably repeated 3-4 times a year.

Important. It should be recalled that 1 tablet of biotredin contains 100 mg of active L-threonine and 5 mg of pyridoxine hydrochloride.

Biotredin: dosages for adults and children

Biotredin dosage for adults and children

Children under 14 years old Biotredin should be taken 2 mg per 1 kg of the child’s weight. This means that if a child weighs 30 kg, then he is prescribed 60 mg of the active substance L-threonine, of which the tablet consists, and this is slightly more than half the tablet, given that the whole tablet contains 100 mg.

Adolescents and Adults the doctor prescribes 1-3 tablets, depending on the condition of the patient and medical goals.

Biotredin and glycine together: how and when to take?

Biotredin and glycine are taken together to improve the therapeutic effect
  • At treatment of alcoholism of the second and third stages, after prolonged use of alcohol by humans, the greatest effect is the use of biotredin along with glycine.
    First, 1 tablet of glycine is taken under the tongue, and after 10-15 minutes biotredin, in the amount prescribed by the doctor.
  • After cured alcoholism may occur latent attraction to alcohol.
    After taking on an empty stomach several tablets of biotredin, after 10-20 minutes, it manifests itself latent attraction to alcohol: slight dizziness, the person calms down immediately, redness of the face, the allocation of a large amount of sweat. If there are such manifestations, the doctor may recommend taking biotredin with glycine. First, 1 tablet of glycine is taken under the tongue, and then, after 10-15 minutes, 1-2 tablets of biotredin should be taken, and so 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 5-10 days.

How to take phenibut and biotredin at the same time?

Phenibut is prescribed if treatment with biotredin does not bring the desired effect

Biotredin, decomposing in the body into acetic acid and glycine, is completely eliminated from the body, there is no getting used to it. But it happens that treatment with biotredin did not help, then the doctor prescribes phenibut.

If you take it for a long time phenibut, then it is addictive, therefore, after treatment with them, you need to refuse it, gradually reducing the amount of the drug over the course of a week.

Insofar as phenibut stronger than biotredin, it is more likely a tranquilizer than a nootropic, you can’t take it without a doctor’s prescription, and they need to be treated only with serious mental disorders.

But if the doctor prescribed a newborn baby after birth injuries phenibut, then there is a need for this.

Biotredin for memory

Biotredin helps improve memory

To improve memory for both young and old people, as well as cheer up after a nervous strain, on the advice of a doctor, patients take biotredin.

Often, during exams and adolescent apathy, biotredin is prescribed and teenagers. Parents of such children after taking the course of treatment notice that the child has become more attentive in the classroom, it is better to remember the material set at school.

It should be noted that if treatment with the drug is stopped, the achieved result is not saved.

How to take biotredine tablets with menopause?

Biotredin helps with menopause

Climax in a woman sometimes lasts a long time. During this time, the reproductive function or simply the ability to give birth to a woman dies away.

Hormonal changes with menopause affect the whole body of a woman:

  • Chronic diseases appear
  • Endocrine system diseases appear
  • Irritability and depression

To make it easier for a woman to endure this difficult periodgynecologist attributes medical preparations: hormonal, biologically active additives.

After using hormonal drugs, the woman is subject to side effects: obesity, gallstone disease, swelling, mastopathy.

Dietary supplements due to weak action, they may simply not help.

If a woman is very concerned about the symptoms of menopause, on the advice of a doctor, you can take biotredin, he has proven himself in the treatment of such a condition of a woman.

Biotredin for alcoholism

Biotredin is very effective in the treatment of alcoholism.

Strong craving for alcohol and chronic alcoholism Doctors often treat with biotredin.

The drug should be taken 1-3 tablets (the doctor decides) 2-3 times a day. Duration 4-5 days, but possible up to 10.

The effect of the drug is felt quickly, within 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, in the year of such treatment sessions, it is necessary to take up to 10 times so that the craving for alcohol passes completely.

Biotredin at vsd

Biotredin is effective in vegetovascular dystonia

Under vegetovascular dystonia the difference in blood pressure is up and down.

The fact that a person suffers from vegetovascular dystonia is indicated following signs:

  • When the weather changes, the head hurts, it is difficult to concentrate, memory worsens
  • For no reason, it's hot, it's cold
  • Sometimes get tired quickly
  • With excitement, trembling hands and eyelids, dry mouth
  • Frequent stress with insomnia
  • Body temperature lowered or slightly elevated

Reason such blood pressure drops is a weak vascular tone, a sedentary lifestyle.

Very often a person suffering from vegetovascular dystonia "winds up" himself. Therefore, doctors often treat such patients sedatives. Such means are psychotropic drugs (Relanium, Seduxen), which remove anxiety, harm the cardiovascular system.

Much less harm will bring nootropics, and biotredin including, if they treat anxiety during vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Biotredin: similar drugs

Biotredin and its analogues

Constantly growing demand for biotredin led pharmacologists and doctors to create biotredin analogues.

Biotredin analogues are as follows:

  • Glycine
  • Glycidus
  • Phenibut
  • Teturam
  • Esperal
  • Cyamide
  • Gidazepam
  • Alcodesum 1C
  • Proproten-100
  • Zorex
  • Disulfiram
  • Farcovit B12
  • Zincteral
  • Naltrexol Oil
  • Liveria 1C

Biotredin or afobazole which is better?

To do less harm to the body, it is better to take biotredin

Afobazole - a weak antidepressant, unlike other drugs of this group, is not addictive, muscle weakness, but drowsiness is a little manifested.

Afobazole is prescribed by a doctor:

  • With anxiety, fear, timidity, insomnia
  • With depression
  • If you want to quit smoking, to more easily cope with the craving for smoking
  • To make it easier to endure a hangover

Afobazole prescribed only to adults, for children under 18 years of age, treatment with this drug is contraindicated.

The course of taking 1-2 tablets 3 times a day, for 3 weeks, but if necessary, you can be treated without interruption and 3 months. Maximum effect from medicine achieved in the 2nd week, but sedation of anxiety is observed on the 2-3rd day after the start of treatment.

The cost of afobazole is about 220 rubles.

Biotredin also not addictive. The course of treatment is less for them, you need to often take breaks. Biotredin costs in different pharmacies in different ways, from 100 to 250 rubles.

But biotredin has advantages over afobazole:

  1. A successful combination of threonine and vitamin B6.
  2. The drug acts in a complex way - the work of the brain improves, emotional stress is relieved.
  3. Instant effect of treatment - improvement occurs after 15 minutes.
  4. The components of which biotredin is made are harmless to the body, therefore medicine can be prescribed for young children.
  5. Biotredin can be prescribed to diabetics, unlike afobazole.

Biotredin: reviews of doctors

Positive feedback from biotredin doctors

Doctors speak about biotredin positively, and there are many confirmations.

Here are a few positive factors.:

  1. In the body, biotredin undergoes many transformations. At the last stage, it decomposes into carbon dioxide and water. This feature of the drug allows you to remove it from the body without consequences.
  2. After taking the pill (put it under the tongue), the effect of the drug occurs quickly, after 15 minutes.
  3. After overvoltage and nervous breakdown, the drug quickly restores mental abilities and physical activity.

So, I discovered a new drug - biotredin. It cures many diseases, but almost no harm.