What icons should be required in the house: a list, names, what help from, where to place them correctly?

The icon is the most important amulet of the house. In this article you will find out which icons should be kept at home.

The icon is not just a happy amulet. An icon is an image thanks to which there is a conversion from a person to God. And only if the prayer was read sincerely, can it help, bring prosperity to the family, protect the house.

Mandatory house icons: list

Each icon is considered a prototype of the depicted Saint. Earlier in the houses, the icons were located in the eastern corners, even in the temple itself, the icons are always located in the eastern part. However, today, for many believers in apartments and houses, the eastern corner may not be in the proper place. Therefore, you should choose the most convenient place where you will be most comfortable praying.

Place at least one icon in the house. We offer you a list of those icons that you can also put in your home:

  • Icon with the image of Jesus Christ. As a rule, it heals from serious diseases and ailments. The icon depicting the crucified Jesus calms, protects from disasters, puts on the right path, supports in difficult times. It is necessary to place the icon on the place of honor of the house, to allocate the dominant part in the house to it.
  • Icon with the face of the Holy Virgin. Maria is considered an image of pure love, she forgives, gives patience and humility. There are a huge number of such icons. The Virgin can be asked for health, a good spouse, children. Mother of God is the patroness of every woman. Therefore, the icon is often taken with the face of Jesus by the bride to get married, and after that they are stored in the house as a family talisman.
  • Icon depicting Nikolai Ugodnik. People turn to him if they want to solve a difficult problem, to leave a hopeless situation. Also, St. Nicholas is asked to heal from a serious illness.
Placement of icons

The listed icons are considered mandatory, they protect the family, bring prosperity, are symbols of harmony. For these icons, highlight a corner or place them next to the wall. It is advisable that they be in a quiet, comfortable place. So that every member of the family has the opportunity in a secluded place to betray their soul before God and the Saints.

  • In addition, an icon, which depicts Seven-shot Mother of God. It can be located opposite the entrance or above the door leading to the main room of the house. This image is able to protect all households from scandals, gossip, from ill-wishers, and housing from thieves.
  • The face that depicts The Holy Trinity. The face will bring love and peace to the house. Also, the image helps in difficult times, solves numerous problems, cleanses from sins, removes the negative state. It is desirable to place the icon in the eastern corner, as well as at the head of the head so that it is a kind of protection.
  • Fadeless Color Image. The icon can empower, set on the right path. It also preserves beauty, youth, love, relieves of various temptations, fills the family with confidence, gives hope for a good future. It is located mainly in the most comfortable corner where you can pray.
Corner for Prayer
  • The image of the Guardian Angel. This image is considered the most popular. He protects a certain person, can respond to every help. It is able to heal, give love, save from sins, if a person will ask his protector. You can put in any convenient place at home or in the room of a person whose angel is depicted on the icon.
  • The next obligatory icon is the image of Orthodox holidays. For example, icon of baptism or with the image of the Nativity of Christ.
  • Icon on which is depicted The last supper. Relieves the burden from the soul, blesses the cooked food, and grants peace during violent fall. It does not matter where it will be placed. But the best places are the kitchen and the dining room.

What icons should be in the kitchen?

A kitchen is that room in which all family members most often gather. In each Orthodox family, to begin with, before eating and at the end of the meal, people read a small prayer that blesses. Consequently, a small number of icons can be placed in the kitchen:

  • Icon depicting Christ the Savior
  • The image of the Virgin
  • Icon depicting the Holy Trinity
Kitchen icon

You can choose one of these icons or all at the same time. You can still hang the image of the Last Supper. A true helper who helps in cooking - Euphrosinus Palestinian. This saint served completely disinterestedly, he was alive in paradise, and then returned to earth. In the temples, the monks honored the gifts of Euphrosynus, kept them, distributed them to those who needed help.

Just imagine how much your food will become more useful and good if you hang this icon in the kitchen. It is desirable that it is located above the table, so you can say a prayer to the Saint for blessing before eating.

What icons should be in the living room?

The living room is the main premise of every home. Here you can hang the following icons:

  • The icon on which the Savior is depicted. The best among them is the icon depicting the Lord Almighty
  • Icon on which the Virgin is depicted. In this case, give preference to the Kazan Mother of God
Kazan Mother of God for the living room

Place the face with the Lord on the right, and the Most Holy Theotokos on the left. If everyone believes in your family, then place an icon in the believer’s room. If you can’t do this, then buy a folding icon. It can be installed only during the prayer.

What icons should be in the hallway?

Leaving the house daily, going into the world of temptations and deceit, it is necessary to pray to the heavenly patron, ask him to make the path safe and direct him to good people. It is important that you teach your own children who trust all people. It is necessary to thank the Saint for intercession, for returning home.

Veil protects from the world of temptations

You can protect your own house from bad people if you hang the following icons in the hallway:

  • The image of the Iveron Mother of God
  • Image of the Veil
  • Icon depicting the Holy Trinity

Select one icon, fix it above the front door. You can also hang in the hallway the image that is worshiped by all households.

What icons should be in the bedroom?

Only certain icons are allowed in this room. However, under the following condition - if the husband and wife legalized their own marriage and got married, it is recommended that the following icons be hung in the bedroom:

  • Icons depicting the Virgin
  • Face of Christ Savior
  • The image of Peter and Fevronia. They are considered the patrons of family happiness.
  • The image of the healer Panteleimon
  • The image of Nikolai Ugodnik
  • Icon depicting Spyridon of Trimyphus
  • Named image of Saint
Patrons of Family Happiness

Place the icons above the bed or on the bedside table. You can also select a corner for prayer on the window, where put not only icons, but also a lamp for a church candle.

What icons should be in the nursery?

Children who are born in an Orthodox family must learn to pray and turn to the Saints from childhood. In addition, each icon will keep the peace and health of children. Therefore, in the nursery should be present their own images.

These icons are placed at the head of the bed. You can choose a nominal or dimensional icon. On the face should be a saint who has the same name as your child. A measured icon is ordered when the baby is born, selected by the height of the newborn.

The following icons will be appropriate in the nursery:

  • Face of the Savior
  • Face of the Virgin
  • Icon depicting the Guardian Angel
May God protect your child

You can also hang other faces that provide health and well-being for your child. Remember that God loves children very much, we are all his children. Therefore, teach children to pray from a young age.

What icons should be in the office for work?

If certain difficulties appear that directly relate to work, inspiration disappears, envious people overcome, it is necessary to turn to the Saint. The icon must be placed at home in your office or directly at work.

Choose an image, taking into account your own life activities. If your profession does not have its own patron, then put a face with the image of the Patriarch.

We offer you a short list with professions and their patrons:

  • Student. The icon with the image of Martyr Tatiana is suitable. She helps in learning, grants the mind.
  • The trade worker. The Face of Nicholas the Wonderworker is perfect. Brings good luck in trading.
  • A profession that relates to working on the Internet. The best image is that on which the Mother of God is depicted. The Holy Sky. It makes a career successful, everyday business successful, brings material prosperity.
  • Sailor, motorist, tourist worker. The image of Nicholas the Wonderworker, Our Lady of Sovereign, is suitable. They bring health, do better things, improve their financial situation.
  • Medical worker. Icon with the Crimean Luke. Protects at work, brings good health.
Icon for healthcare providers
  • Diplomat, postal worker. The best icon depicting the Archangel Gabriel. Protects at work.
  • Kindergarten teacher, retirement home worker. The ideal icon is the one that depicts the Bethlehem baby. Gives patience and mercy. It gives children physical health.
  • Teacher, Researcher. Icon of the Virgin of Kaluga. It allows you to constantly reach for knowledge, to study new sciences.
  • Civil servant. It is better to choose an icon depicting the Mother of God of Economics. Makes board wise and fair.
Patron of civil servants
  • Sportsman. The ideal image is the Mother of God. Gives good luck and success in achievements.
  • Aviation worker. The face of the Savior Not Made by Hands is suitable for this profession. It allows you to safely complete the flight, protects against evil detractors.

Where you can’t keep house icons?

There are no specific rules for finding an icon in the house. For proper placement, you just need to follow common sense.

  • Place the icon perfectly in any room. But in the bathroom or in the toilet, the icon, of course, will not be appropriate.
  • You can not place the image near a TV, tape recorder, personal computer and other similar equipment. This is because to perform the rite of prayer it is necessary to concentrate, and such elements, even if they don’t work, will attract your attention out of habit and will distract you.
  • Do not place the face also where there are cosmetics, inappropriate books, toys, various figurines. Near the faces posters with singers, actors, famous personalities should not be placed.
  • It is also not advisable to place paintings or reproductions near the icons, even if they have religious content.
Place the icons in a suitable place

And most importantly, never place icons near any pictures. And it does not matter who is depicted in these pictures. Priests categorically forbid doing this.

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