New Year

Drawn letters for the New Year 2019-2020 for the inscription "Happy New Year!": Print patterns for cutting, photo

Variants and stencils of ejected letters for New Year's inscription.

New Year's holidays are always associated with something beautiful, happy and unusual. In order to be flooded with a festive mood, decorate your home in a special way. One option is to use stencils and a variety of inscriptions.

The letter "C" - ejected paper: stencils for cutting, photo

Lettering stencils can be hung in the room. Using letters, you can decorate walls, curtains, and windows. To make the labels look organically, they are often decorated with New Year's toys and tinsel, as well as garlands. They can also be cut out of white paper. The letters are made of paper or cardboard, improvised means and are often decorated with broken Christmas toys, sparkles, beads, even lace. Inscriptions in the style of pouting look very unusual. All the letters in this case are carved and very beautiful. They are curly and improve the festive mood.

Of course, the best option is to use the inscription on the wall or on the window. For these purposes, use a variety of letters. Now in shops there are a lot of ready-made inscriptions. If you do not have time, they were sold out in stores, make them yourself. The very first letter of congratulation is the letter "C". It must be made in a style like all other letters. That is, almost all letters must be made either carved, or colored or decorated with sequins, tinsel, lace, beads.

Letter c Letter c

The letter "N" - ejected paper: stencils for cutting, photo

The next letter is "H". Below are some unusual options for the letter "H".

Letter H Letter H

The letter "O" - paper pockets: stencils for cutting, photo

The letter "O" is present in the congratulation. It is easiest to make it, since it has few bends. The letter is also cut in the style of the previous inscription. That is the previous letters. If the inscription is carved, then all the letters should be lace, thin and delicate.

Letter o

The letter "B" - ejected paper: stencils for cutting, photo

Next is the letter "B". It is also made in the style of the entire inscription. Below are the most attractive options for this letter.

Letter b

The letter "Y" - paper pucks: patterns for cutting, photo

A very unusual and quite complex letter, which is made of two parts. Below are some interesting options.

Letter y Letter y

The letter "M" - ejected paper: patterns for cutting, photo

In general, the vytynanka is a type of decorative art that the Slavs did. Many of them considered a tympanum a magic symbol. With its help, it was possible to attract success, luck, love, and also profit to the house. Now, this decoration is used as before, for decorating the room. They are glued to walls, windows. In ancient times, they were glued to the fireplace, and often used instead of curtains on windows. Below are the options for the letter "M".

Letter M Letter M

Letter "G" - paper punch: patterns for cutting, photo

The most interesting thing is that now vytynanka are often used to decorate windows and housing for the New Year holidays. Such paper clippings look very nice. They are both single-layer and multi-layer. Often made of colored paper, as well as by combining several colors.

Letter g

The letter "D" - ejected paper: patterns for cutting, photo

Now on sale you can buy ready-made pimples, also cute clippings, which are made automatically using special machines. They are quite neat and very beautiful. But still, if you have some free time, you can do the production of pimples. Below are the options for the letter "D".

Letter D

The sign "!" - paper holes: patterns for cutting, photo

Below are options for cutting a soft sign out of paper.



Making an inscription yourself is quite simple. Use paper and scissors, as well as our stencils.

Stencils for Christmas figures can be downloaded here.

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