How much and how to cook dumplings in a pan, microwave, slow cooker? How to cook purchased and homemade fresh and frozen dumplings after boiling water, after surfacing, steamed?

Cooking delicious dumplings in various ways with a detailed recipe and an indication of the time.

Run home and eat fast, fast, even if nothing is at home! And very often dumplings can help out in this difficult situation!

Purchased or personally cobbled together - it is always satisfying, quick, easy and convenient, if there is very little time for cooking. From the article you will learn how much time it takes to cook dumplings

How and how long does it take to cook purchased dumplings in a pan after boiling?

Nothing can replace lovingly cobbled together, of the same diameter, warm hands warm domestic dumplings. But the variety of this semi-finished product in today's supermarkets allows you to choose the best option in terms of price and quality, the option of filling and size.

In the preparation of purchased dumplings, you must first consider:

  • test composition
  • filling format
  • product diameter

On the packaging, as a rule, all initial parameters and the recommended time for their preparation are indicated. For cooking 500 g of average, with a diameter of 2 to 5 cm, with mixed meat dumplings:

  • pour 1 liter of water into the pan
  • add a pinch of salt, peppercorns and bay leaf
  • from the moment of boiling water in a pan and dipping dumplings, it will take about 12-15 minutes, after surfacing the dumplings, cook them for 5 minutes
Quick cooked purchased dumplings

For this short time, delicious meat dumplings will be obtained from the ice semi-finished product.

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How much and how to cook dumplings in the microwave?

The undoubted advantage of preparing our discussion facility in the microwave is its popularity and availability in many kitchen corners at work.

Due to the wide range of functions of modern microwaves, you can cook dumplings in them traditionally boiled, steamed and even fry.
In cooking in a boiled way, you need to adhere to portioning. For this:

  • put 10-15 frozen dumplings in a container suitable for use in microwave ovens. Water needs to be poured hot - from an electric kettle, for example, if we cook at work, so that the water covers our dumplings, but not as much as when cooking in a pan.
  • salt, pepper, put a lavrushka and set the cooking time to 6 minutes at a power of 800 watts
  • when cooking in the microwave for a couple, you need to pour 100 ml into a deep plate. water, place a portion of dumplings there, salt, cover and put on the stove for 15 minutes at 800 watts. It is advisable to stir every 3 minutes
  • Cook the fried dumplings in the microwave after pre-cooking using one of the above methods.
  • then drain the broth, cut the butter into slices and set for 8-9 minutes, stirring evenly every 4 minutes
Delicious microwave dumplings

If there is a “grill” function, then as a bonus, frying dumplings in a microwave oven is also rewarded with a golden crust. The finished dish can also be sprinkled with hard cheese - for an amateur.

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How to steam dumplings?

An alternative to cooking dumplings in a pan is steaming them. To do this, take a pan and a sieve along the diameter of the pan.

If there is no suitable sieve, then you can tie gauze on the pan. About 150 ml of water is poured into the lower compartment, and products are laid out on a sieve or gauze and covered with a tight lid.

"Steam" dumplings

The total time for cooking in this way needs about 30 minutes. If you have a large portion of dumplings, do not forget to add water to the pan every time.

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How much and how to cook dumplings in a slow cooker?

Another great helper for housewives today is a crock-pot. In it, you can also perfectly cope with the preparation of ravioli according to various recipes.
For simple cooking 450 g of dumplings, you need to take 1 liter of water, salt, spices and load everything in a bowl, set the mode to "Dumplings" or "Cooking" depending on your device for 15 minutes.

Steaming in a slow cooker can also be done using a special overhead sieve designed for this mode. For this:

  • pour 150 - 200 ml of water into the multicooker bowl
  • grease the top sieve with vegetable oil so that dumplings do not stick
  • lay out frozen convenience foods
  • set the steaming function to 20 min
  • after 10 min you can flip

The multicooker will also help in the matter of frying dumplings not previously boiled. For this:

  • pour the sunflower oil into the bowl
  • put frozen dumplings
  • set the option "fry" and the cooking time 20 minutes
Delicious multicooker dumplings

By creating a steam vacuum in a multicooker bowl, our dish is cooked quickly enough even with the format of a frozen product. After the end of the first session, it is recommended to turn over and do the same procedure from the other side.

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How long does it take to cook fresh homemade dumplings after surfacing?

Freshly made homemade dumplings are cooked very easily and quickly. The average total cooking time is up to 20 minutes. After surfacing, cook for 5 minutes.
In classic cooking - cooking in a pan, you need to consider a few simple rules:

  • Water needs to be taken three times more than the mass of "meat abalone". For example, for 0.5 kg of the product you need to pour 1.5 liters of water into the pan
  • Low seasoning in the preparation of ravioli is a bay leaf. To taste, also add a mixture of peppercorns, dill, parsley or cilantro
  • Throw dumplings into boiling water, stirring vigorously so that they do not stick together, without reducing the strength of the fire. When dumplings pop up - a signal of their readiness for exit
Dumplings after surfacing boil quite a bit

How long does it take to cook frozen homemade dumplings?

There is no particular difference in the method of preparing homemade dumplings from purchased dumplings. But it should be borne in mind that homemade dumplings have a more delicate, elastic dough and at the same time a denser filling. General recommendations - cook 5 minutes after surfacing.

How long does it take to cook meat dumplings?

Regardless of whether they sculpted themselves or bought in a store, it should be remembered that the general recommendations for the preparation of average meat dumplings are as follows: the beef filling should be boiled for at least 10 minutes, pork - 5 minutes, if chicken filling - a little less - about 4 minutes after surfacing.

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How and how much to cook dumplings in potatoes?

A special kind of dumplings is a rather not popular variety of this flour dish - dumplings with potatoes. As already mentioned, the filling in dumplings, unlike dumplings, is taken raw. To prepare such dumplings, it will take about 3-4 minutes after surfacing.

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How much and how to cook fish dumplings?

In addition to traditional meat, you can also find fish dumplings. Their main difference from dumplings is raw filling, product shape and presentation style.

Prepare dumplings from custard dough, the filling will be:

  • fish fillet - 800 g
  • lard - 150 g
  • water - 50 ml
  • bulb
  • salt and spices

To prepare fish dumplings you will need fish fillet, a little lard, onions, a mixture of peppers, salt and a little water. Such dumplings are prepared after surfacing for 4-5 minutes.

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How to cook small dumplings?

Small dumplings with a diameter of about 2 cm are cooked much faster. After boiling water and raising products - up to 4 minutes.

How to cook large dumplings?

Larger dumplings should be cooked for up to 15 minutes after boiling water. If we are talking about very large dumplings, such as khinkali - up to 17 minutes.

How and how much to cook dumplings with broth?

Instead of boiling water, you can use the broth. Then dumplings from a simple snack or main course will turn into a full-fledged first course.

For this:

  • cook meat broth on bones or other parts of the carcass
  • brown onions and carrots in a pan
  • after boiling the broth, add potatoes, fried onions and carrots
  • 10 minutes before the end, pour the dumplings. After surfacing, cook them for 5 minutes
  • for greens, use greens
Dumplings with broth

They serve such a dish with yushka and sour cream.

Culinary products, similar to our traditional dumplings, or as they are popularly called "meat ears", are in the national cuisines of many countries of the world.

In Italy, for example, these are ravioli, in Georgia - khinkali, in the Central Asian countries - manti. Whatever the combination of dough and filling, usually meat, is called, it's all incredibly tasty. Use these tips and pamper your loved ones with delicious dumplings.

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