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How to sew a military cap for May 9 for a child and an adult with their own hands: pattern, master class

This article describes a process that allows you to quickly and easily sew a military cap. The pattern is very simple, and even a novice craftswoman can create such a product.

The celebration of May 9 is gaining more and more scope every year. Adults dress in elegant clothes, and children in military uniforms. In this form, we are going to the parade, rejoicing for the Victory of our compatriots, grandfathers, great-grandfathers during the Great Patriotic War.

  • If we all have elegant clothes in the wardrobe, then we have to buy a military suit and a cap.
  • But you can do without a suit, and just put on any pants and a white shirt, and you can sew a military cap with your own hands.
  • Everything is very simple, see for yourself. Patterns and a master class in our article will help you sew a soldier’s headgear in just 1 hour. So, let's get started.

Do-it-yourself military cap pattern by May 9 for a child and adult

First prepare some A4 sheets. If possible, it is better to print the pattern on the printer. If this is not possible, then simply draw it on the sheets and cut it out.

You will also need such materials:

  • Khaki material cut
  • Scissors
  • Needles, pins and threads in tone of material

Here is a pattern with real sizes for a child. If you will sew a cap for an adult, then make an allowance of 1-15 cm for seams, otherwise it will be small for you.

Military cap pattern Military cap pattern Military cap pattern

Cut each piece out of paper, and then you need to transfer the pattern to the fabric. To do this, spread the fabric on the table and pin the pattern to the material with pins. Cut out the details again, but from the same fabric.

Remember: If the cap is intended for an adult, then add another 1-1.5 cm on each side to the seams and to add size, otherwise the headgear will be small. This pattern caps for a child 5-15 years old.

Cut every piece of fabric

Important: The number of parts that should be obtained from the fabric is indicated on each individual paper element of the cap. As a result, you should get 7 pieces of fabric.

Mark the wrong side in advance on each part so as not to confuse during the work. You can do this with chalk.

Mark the wrong side on the details of the future military caps

Now start sewing. The following describes the detailed instructions for completing the work.

How to sew a military cap for May 9 for a child and an adult with their own hands: master class

So, you have ready cut parts from fabric. Now do the following:

Attach details and pin
  • Pin parts # 2 and # 3 exactly in the middle. The front side of one part should be turned to the face of the other part, that is, we will sew on the wrong side.
Chip parts with pins
  • Now pin along the perimeter of the parts to make it easier to stitch.
  • Then stitch the edges on both sides. In the center of the third part, make a seam, extending from the inside and backing no more than 1 mm. This is necessary so that the top of the cap is in place and does not stand out. The wrong side of the first stitched parts will look like this:
Stitch the details and make a seam in the middle
  • Turn the stitched parts to the front side and see what happened.
Turn stitched blanks to the front side
  • Turn the cap inside out again and stitch the side seams. Turn the resulting workpiece to the front side. Also iron all the top seams on the front side well. This is what should happen.
Iron the seams
  • We still have 4 parts number 1, which we cut out the very first. Fold 2 of them face to face, and stitch them on the sides.
  • Sew the other two parts, and flatten the seams of the resulting workpieces by pushing them apart.
Sew four parts, straighten and iron the seams.
  • In the next step, insert these two resulting blanks into each other. The front side should be inside.
Insert blanks into each other
  • After that, sew around the top in a circle. The outer part of the cap should already be obtained. Turn the stitched parts to the front side.
Sew from the top and turn the workpiece to the front side
  • Iron the seams thoroughly with a hot iron and sew the top with a finishing stitch. Another detail of the cap is ready.
Iron the seams
  • Turn the top of the cap inside out and put it inside the bottom part. Fasten both parts with pins and sew along the bottom edge.
Connect all the parts and sew along the bottom edge.
  • When you turn it over, the seam should remain inside the lapel. If you did it differently, then you folded it wrong. Go back one step and check what the mistake was.
  • Despite the fact that the seam will be inside, it still needs to be sewn by hand or on a typewriter.
Process seams
  • So that the wrong side does not interfere with wearing, does not create discomfort, does not protrude outward, fix it with a line.
Cut all the threads that stick out and iron the cap again
  • It remains to cut off all the extra thread that can stick out, as well as iron the cap, and you can put it on.
It turned out a real military cap

It turned out a product that can not be distinguished from the factory. The pilot will look beautiful and neat on the head of a child or adult. Sew it yourself and go to the Victory Parade - May 9.

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