How to make a house out of paper: volumetric, round, origami, from curled paper - useful tips, instructions, photos

In order to get a beautiful house made of paper, just follow our instructions.

Paper can be considered the most affordable and easy material for creativity. Especially great joy gives the child joint creativity with parents.

We are sure that they will be pleased with the house, which can be done with your own hands. Such an activity will appeal not only to girls, but also to boys. Girls can make a dollhouse. How to make a simple paper house in minutes?

Volume paper house

First of all, stock up on a fantasy that will help create a unique masterpiece, with sharp scissors, good glue and, of course, paper. You can choose not only white paper, but also multi-colored, and different in density - it can even be a notebook or sheets from an album, paper for drawings (its price, of course, differs from the simple one, but it’s convenient to work with it, it glues well )


  • ruler
  • sharp pencil
  • stationery knife
  • masking tape

The glue can be varied: PVA, solid in the form of a pencil or in tubes - the main thing is that it be of high quality.

To decorate the house you need to take:

  • paints
  • colorful pencils
  • medical cotton
  • lace
  • beads

Prepare the surface for work, it can be a table or any other flat plane.

We make a sketch of the house

Before you begin, you need to prepare a sketch of the future house. It will depend on the size, volume, complexity or simplicity of the design. If you have the opportunity, get a large piece of paper on which you can immediately draw a house. If this is not possible, then take smaller sheets and draw each detail of the house on a separate sheet.

Cutting out the resulting drawing, you should not forget that the right side remains not bent for subsequent application of glue, and it should be drawn. Do you need a floor, this is according to your desire, but the child will do perfectly without it if you put the finished house on a flat surface.

Make a sketch

Mixing details of a house

  1. Before gluing the house, use a knife to make windows and a door. Paper needs to be removed from the windows, but on one side of the door, do not cut the paper so that they come out ajar.
  2. The decorating phase is better to start before assembling the parts at home, otherwise then it will be much more difficult. Give your child a chance to show his imagination, let him paint the walls of the house with paints or pencils.

    Let the child decorate

  3. To make a latch on the door, cut a rectangle out of cardboard and glue it with masking double-sided tape to the edge of the door. The roof can be decorated with tiles, making it from squares of brown or green.
  4. You need to start gluing tiles from below in a checkerboard pattern. Glue only half of the square with glue and overlap each row - so to the very top. The roof can be decorated with snow from cotton wool by gluing it to PVA glue.

    Cut and assemble

  5. Getting to the carving of the house, make bends at the corners of the walls and apply glue to the bend that we left earlier. Let it dry. If your paper is too thin to give stability to the house, glue its base to thick cardboard.
  6. If time permits you, make the second floor, a balcony, a porch.

Round houses for little gnomes from paper

Round houses will be very original. They will be a wonderful home for little gnomes. Houses can be made of different heights and widths and create a whole village.

Necessary materials:

  • Cardboard or Thick Paper
  • White paper
  • Multicolored paper
  • Glue
  • Glue gun

At the stage of sketching, you need to draw a large rectangle or take an already prepared sheet of paper of a rectangular shape.

  • Fold a leaf in a tube and glue the joint. From the colored paper, cut the windows and doors, glue them to the cylinder.
  • Make a paper cone - this will be the roof. We connect it to the body with a glue gun. The roof can be decorated with sparkles.

You need:

  • Thin paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Sharp scissors
  • Simple pencil
  • Decor

Cut an A4 sheet into 3 equal parts in width. Twist the rectangular pieces into the bedside table, smear the edge with glue so that it does not unwind.

  • To make it easier to twist the tubes and they were the same in diameter, take a pencil around which and twist the tubes. You need a lot of tubes, they can be twisted during the construction process.
  • If you make sticks of different lengths, then the house will come out rectangular, if the sticks are the same - square.
  • Take cardboard of any color - this will be the base of the house. Before starting work, cut half the tubes on each side by 0.5 cm.
  • Getting to the construction of the walls. Lay the tubes in the shape of a square and stick them to the base.
  • Second layer: long tubes are laid on opposite sides, and short on other opposite sides as well.
  • We do the third layer on the contrary - where there were long tubes, we put short ones, and where short ones are long.
  • Already on the 4th row we cut a hole in one wall for the door. We also stack 2 layers and cut out 2 windows. The places of cuts are covered with strips of paper or glued with double-sided tape.
Leave room for doors and windows
  • Using a toothpick or skewer, twist the small tubes, glue them together and insert them into the doorway. We divide the windows into 2 frames with the help of small 2 tubes connected by glue.
  • On the inside of the windows we glue a square of colored blue cardboard with curtains. To keep the square, stick it with adhesive tape.
We decorate the windows
  • We make two sides of the roof from the pipes connected together and cut them in the form of 2 triangles, the other two parts are made of multi-colored rectangular cardboard. Glue to the top of the house.
  • At your discretion, you can decorate the window and door.
  • We make a tile from color cardboard, cutting it into strips, and cutting out one side in waves. We begin to glue the bottom of the roof.
  • We also make steps from tubes glued together and glued with duct tape. There should be three steps. By the same principle, you can make a windowsill.
Make the steps and decorate the door And the windowsill

Railings on the stairs are also made of tubules. You can supplement the house with a balcony or other elements. Flight of fancy is not limited.


Origami paper house

Such a small house is perfect for a paper doll.

You will need:

  1. Color cardboard
  2. Glue
  3. Sharp scissors
  • From a cardboard of yellow color cut a square 15 * 15 cm. We bend it in half. Bend the upper and lower sides towards the center.
  • Expand the leaf. Now we repeat the manipulations, but we are already bending the other sides.
  • Expand, you should come out small squares.
  • Using a marker, mark the stripes along which it is necessary to make incisions.
  • Glue together the two inner squares on one and the opposite side.
  • The last squares at the joints are glued to the first square already glued.
  • We make the roof of a square with a side of 8 cm. We bend two edges in the middle. Glue the roof.
Create a house Make the roof
  • It remains for us to make a window and a door.

Paper house for the New Year


It is necessary to take:

  • Thick white cardboard
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Sparkles
  • Ruler
  • Paints
  • Pencil glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharp office knife
  • Decorative decorations (tinsel, small bells, miniature balls)

Getting started:

  1. Draw a house on a white sheet, cut it out or find a finished template on the Internet.
  2. To make the house durable, glue it to the cardboard base with masking double-sided tape.
  3. The glued parts are cut along the contour of the cardboard. Make the doors and windows with a pencil, cut them with a clerical knife.
  4. Fold all the parts of the house along the fold lines and assemble the house by gluing it with glue.

    Create a house

  5. To keep the house in shape, it can be primed.
  6. Let the house dry and paint.
  7. Decorate the house of your choice.

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