Alabay - Central Asian Shepherd Dog: characteristics, breed history and content requirements

Alabai is a fairly strong, powerful and proud breed. It is important to know more about grooming and raising a dog.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog, or alabai It is one of the oldest dog breeds, which is popular for its remarkable watchdog qualities.

Alabai: breed history

Alabai, whose selection is not artificial, but natural, was formed over more than four millennia in the vast territories of Central Asia.

From time immemorial, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs served as watchmen and guarded flocks of sheep, people's dwellings, accompanied caravans. In addition, these animals participated in the hunting and wars of nomad tribes, and were often used as draft power.

Nomads were very serious about breeding such dogs. There is an opinion that the khan himself and members of his family were engaged in their selection and selection. Almost every animal was assigned its own caretaker, providing decent care. The best representatives of the species participated in further breeding, and the weak and aggressive in relation to the members of the tribe were rejected and destroyed.

There is some confusion in the names of this breed, since there were a lot of nomadic peoples in Asia, and almost every person had their own animal.


Alabai is called differently:

  • Alabai - in Turkmenistan. Translated from the Turkic languages, “ala” is colorful, “buy” is rich. This name was determined by the motley coloring of the animal.
  • Tobet - in Kazakhstan.
  • Bourribasar - in Uzbekistan. The name means wolfhound.

However, the officially registered name in FCI is "Central Asian Shepherd."

In alabay, the blood of many ancient breeds is mixed:

  • Shepherd dogs.
  • Mesopotamian fighting.
  • Mastiffs.

The difficult conditions of survival in the harsh Central Asian climate and the constant struggle against predators naturally formed the main qualities of Alabai:

  • Physical strength and endurance.
  • Fearlessness.
  • Great fighting skills.
  • Devotion.
  • Menacing appearance.

The main requirement that the ancient nomads presented to their dogs was to guard and guard. Nobody was engaged in their training and training. Animals were taught to figure out how to act themselves, without human commands and attitudes. Thus, the breed formed an independent, with developed intelligence.

In the thirties of the last century, factory breeding of this species was started in the Soviet Union. Breeders initially intended to use these animals as guards of objects of national importance. However, mass training turned out to be impracticable, as it turned out that the breed, despite its developed mind and quick wits, has a rather complex and specific psyche.

Central Asians, despite their ancient history, were officially registered only in 1989. And in 1993, FCI approved the breed standard.

There are four main and officially recognized types of shepherd dogs - Alabai:

  • Turkmen.
  • Tibetan.
  • Caucasian.
  • Turkish.

Asian Shepherd dogs are especially popular and love in such countries:

  • Of Russia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Iran
  • Tajikistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan
Popular in many countries.

Interestingly, in Turkmenistan alaba considered a national treasure. And the export of these dogs from the country is prohibited.

Alabai: appearance

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is among the ten largest and strongest dogs. The standards of this breed were approved several times, and in 1993 the last option was adopted.

Alabai is characterized by the following external features:

  • Powerful body with a short neck and a wide chest.
  • A rectangular massive and wide head with a flat forehead. The bend from the muzzle to the forehead is slight and smooth, not pronounced.
  • Nose with a large lobe of brown or black. The lighter the coat color, the brighter the nose.
  • Rounded dark eyes set far apart. The color of the iris is dark brown, hazel, hazel. The superciliary arch is pronounced.
  • Strong jaws with large teeth.
  • Hanging small ears, low set, having a triangular shape.
  • Well pronounced high muscular withers.
  • A straight and strong back with a short lower back and a slightly oversized back.
  • Paws alaba - tall, oval, strong, with a powerful bone.
  • The belly is lean. The lumbar region stands out clearly.
  • Crescent tail, wide, high set at the base. Usually it is stopped.
  • The coat is smooth, coarse, straight, and the undercoat is thick. There are two types of hair: long hair (up to 8 cm) and short hair (up to 4 cm).
  • The height of the animal at the withers: in males - from 70 cm, in bitches - from 65 cm.

Official standards allow a fairly wide palette of coat color of the Central Asian.

Alabai color variations are very different:

  • Gray
  • Redhead
  • White
  • The black
  • Mottled
  • Brown
  • Piebald
  • Brindle

Blue and chocolate shades in alaba not allowed and considered to be a marriage of the breed.

Alabai: qualities and character

The main purpose of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is protection and protection. An animal that is not able to repulse its opponent is not considered a true wolfhound and cannot be bred.

These wonderful dogs have preserved the unique qualities of their ancestors:

  • Balance and equanimity.
  • Phlegmatic, calm and frivolous disposition.
  • Mindfulness. Alabai very thinly feel the mood of their master.
  • Unpretentiousness and endurance. Shepherd dog easily adapts to the circumstances and conditions of detention. It can withstand the hot climate and water limit.
  • Developed social instinct. Central Asian Alabai quite easily enter the pack, if kept with other dogs.
  • Fearlessness while guarding your territory. These watchmen respond very quickly to an alien invasion. Bitches are very careful. As a rule, they bark and block the path to the offender, however they refrain from attacking.
  • The tendency to dominate.
With baby

It should be noted that alabai - a very specific breed. Not every person can cope with such an animal and gain its authority. For passive and inactive people, as well as for women with a weak character, dog handlers do not recommend having such a pet.

Those who still decide to purchase it is Alabai, you need to consider the main features of its nature:

  • Females alabaev much more dynamic than males.
  • Dogs do not perceive the child as their master. Therefore, if you decide to get a dog specifically for your child, it is better to choose a different breed.
  • The animal treats children calmly, but does not tolerate a free relationship with itself. In addition, the small dog will consider itself “lower” in the hierarchical ladder and may try to punish them for the behavior they believe is incorrect.
  • Representatives of this breed have a rather long reaction to an external stimulus. To distract the animal, it is necessary either to eliminate the irritating factor or to distract it with another object.
  • Alabai - An extremely proud breed and has a sense of dignity. This animal with a fixed look will not take its eyes off.
  • Alabai never shows trust in strangers. His attitude towards strangers can be called wary and moderately aggressive. Moreover, cases of causeless attacks on people are extremely rare.
  • The breed is characterized by tolerance towards other pets living in the same territory. However, in some circumstances, conflicts are still possible, since possessive features are inherent in Alabai.
  • Wolfhound is quite aggressive towards extraneous animals. Perceives only the pets of its owner. And although proper training reduces the level of aggression, it is not possible to completely get rid of it.
Calm for children

Of course, each dog has an individuality. We have listed the main characteristics of this breed.

Alabai: care and maintenance

Since Central Asian Shepherd Dogs were bred by humans for active life in difficult conditions, caring for them is not too difficult. Historically, this breed has good health and good immunity.

Has good health

Life span givenalaba averages between 12 and 15 years.

In order to grow a healthy and strong animal, you must follow the basic rules of keeping:

  • It is not recommended to get this dog in the apartment, as the animal needs enough space due to its large size. The ideal option is a private house with a wide courtyard, where you can place an aviary for a shepherd. It should be borne in mind that Alabai will not tolerate sitting on a chain.
  • Provide a balanced diet. You need to feed the dog with fresh products at the same time. Under normal load, the animal is fed twice a day, and with increased load, three times. Food that Alabai did not eat for 15-20 minutes should be removed and not given until the next feeding.
  • If the dog lives in the apartment, walking it is required at least two hours a day. Inadequate walking can cause the animal to become obese. Needless to mention the obligatory muzzle and strong leash.
  • Systematically inspect eyes, ears and paws. Periodically, you need to cut your nails and clean your ears. You should also rinse your eyes with a cotton pad dipped in a special solution or a decoction of chamomile.
  • Bathing no more than once a month, as the shepherd’s coat is quite resistant to dirt and always looks neat. After bathing, the animal must be wiped dry.
  • Be sure to comb out the wool weekly. In the spring during molting, this procedure must be done more often.
  • To deworm the animal at least once a quarter.
  • Immediately vaccinate the pet and bring it to the veterinarian for an annual examination.
  • To the ownersalaba you need to monitor the health of your pet. At the age of four months, the veterinarian checks the puppy for the presence of hip dysplasia.

The life expectancy and physical health of the animal is largely dependent on proper nutrition. In a compulsory diet alaba These products include:

  • Fresh raw lean meat.
  • Offal.
  • Low-fat soups.
  • Boiled porridge (buckwheat, rice).
  • Eggs and dairy products.
  • Sea fish.
  • Vegetables.
  • Dry foods high in magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Please note that it is not recommended to mix dry food with natural products.

Also, up to 15 g of salt should be added to food. And clean water should always be available to the dog.

It is forbidden to feed alabai:

  • Bones of a bird.
  • Pickles and smoked meats.
  • Sweet.
  • Potatoes and beets.
  • Barley and barley groats.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Butter pastries and white bread.

Alabai: education and training

Raising any dog ​​is based on two main aspects:

  • Explanation by man of what he wants from an animal.
  • The requirement to fulfill what the owner said.

Alabai upbringing is largely based on demand. This dog is smart enough and understands well what is expected of it. But then she begins to show character and defend her independence.

Because alabai - the animal is strong and large, it is necessary to take its training and training very seriously, with all responsibility. It depends on the proper upbringing of the dog whether in the future she will become a good watchman, protector and friend of the family.


This is a painstaking and lengthy process in which there are no trifles:

  • Alabai - social animal, understanding the hierarchy in the pack. Therefore, it is necessary to show that it is his master who is the "leader" of the pack.
  • They begin to train a puppy when he has not yet reached three months of age. And by the age of six months, the animal should already carry out simple commands: "Place", "Sit", "Fu", "To me."
  • The Central Asian Shepherd Dog needs to constantly communicate with its owner. Without this, the dog can feel its independence and try to take the place of a “leader” in the pack, which is fraught with aggression and disobedience. Particularly dangerous in this regard is the age of the animal after one or a half years. At the slightest attempt by the wolfhound to establish his leadership (for example, when aggression towards the owner is manifested), it is necessary to strictly suppress such actions.
  • Classes should be held daily for at least half an hour. Because alabai - the dog is wayward and will not immediately obey, it is necessary to be patient. At each new stage of training, he, as a rule, shows obstinacy and refuses to carry out commands. In no case should you give in, otherwise the dog will cease to obey you.
  • It is necessary to show friendliness and sincerity to Alabai, since this breed subtly feels its attitude towards itself. And this directly affects the behavior of the animal.
  • Since childhood, it is very important to control the behavior of the pet and prohibit him from jumping on people.
  • You need to accustom yourself to something calmly, but firmly. If the animal feels the owner’s weakness, it will cease to perceive it as a leader. A rude attitude will lead to the fact that Alabay will be offended and become closed.
  • Main functionalaba - the ability to fight back. In order to determine the strength of mind, the dog passes the mandatory test tests.
  • It is forbidden to cause pain to alaba. It is also necessary to refrain from screaming and abrupt movements so that the animal does not lose control of itself and does not injure people.
  • While feeding the dog, do not let it growl and grin in your direction. At the slightest attempt to do this - punish.
Pretty boy

Since the psyche of a wolfhound is quite specific, it is better to entrust its education to professionals. Improper training can turn this smart dog into an animal that is dangerous for both owners and others.

Alabai puppy: what to look for?

Alabai is characterized by late ontogenetic development. The intellectual and physical development of this animal is completed by three years. This fact should be considered when training and education.

When purchasing a small pet, use the recommendations of dog handlers:

  • A puppy is best taken between the ages of forty to sixty days.
  • It is recommended to buy an animal in the nursery. And before buying, collect more information about the breeder.
  • Check the documentation confirming the cleanliness of the breed.
  • It is not recommended to take a puppy from a litter in which more than five cubs were born. Often such animals are weakened and more susceptible to various diseases.
  • The age of the giving birth should not exceed eight years.
  • Kid alaba Must be playful, agile and healthy.
  • Check your puppy’s security abilities: drop something near him, clap your hands loudly, etc. By his reaction you can see how brave, aggressive or cowardly is the cub.
  • Keep in mind that alabai - the boys are more obedient, but the girls will periodically fight for leadership. However, bitches are easier to train and train.

The main rules for maintaining and raising a puppy:

  • From two to three months in alaba the period of active socialization begins. He is very inquisitive and is persistently studying his surroundings. At this age, you can start learning simple teams.
  • In early childhood, an Asian remembers all family members and other pets.Subsequently, he will perceive only this circle as his pack. The rest of the people and animals will be treated like strangers. Therefore, if your house is often visited, then it is better to refrain from such a dog.
  • Walk with a little puppy in unfamiliar places, ride on public transport. The dog will learn to stay calm in an environment that is not familiar and comfortable for him.
  • Contact your pet often called. The animal should perceive this as a signal by which attention should be paid to its owner.
  • If possible, spend a lot of time with Alabaychik: play with him, walk around, introduce him to the outside world. This will help to establish contact between you.
  • Keep in mind that dog handlers do not recommend training puppies until they are two months old. This can cause stress in a small pet due to excessive stress on its psyche.
Training is important

Training and maintenancealaba can not be called simple. However, with proper education alabai will be your loyal friend and reliable protector.

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