Easter cake fondant: icing sugar, chocolate, sugar-protein, chocolate-lemon, color fondant - the best recipes with detailed ingredients and step-by-step instructions

Easter cake is a huge work and I want to decorate it beautifully. Let's create a cake decoration - a beautiful fondant according to our recipes.

On the eve of the bright Easter holiday, all the hostesses are engaged in baking the main treat - Easter cakes. As you know, there are no beautiful and not tasty cakes, even the most ordinary ones with raisins and without decoration will be delicious treats on the festive table. However, it is worth noting that you can decorate Easter cakes with delicious fondant, which is very simple to prepare yourself.

Fudge for Easter cakes made from icing sugar

This recipe for making fudge can be called one of the simplest. To prepare such fudge, you need only powdered sugar and water, as well as a little time.

  • Powdered sugar - 2.5 tbsp. l
  • Water - 10 tbsp. l
Sugar fudge
  • If you don’t have icing sugar, don’t be upset, take ordinary granulated sugar and grind it with a coffee grinder or grind it manually.
  • Put the powder and slightly warmed water in the pan, cook over low heat until the fondant becomes thick, but do not boil the mass.
  • If the fudge is too thick, just dilute it with warm water to the desired consistency, if on the contrary, add a little powder and cook a little more.
  • If desired, food coloring or some flavoring can be added to such a fondant to make it even tastier and more beautiful.
  • Note that you need to cover Easter cakes with such glaze immediately after cooking, otherwise it will freeze and it will be impossible to work with it further.

Chocolate Easter Cake Fondant

Chocolate fondant is one of the most delicious and fragrant. You can cook it from any chocolate, but traditionally use milk or black.

  • Chocolate - 120 g
  • Orange juice - 50 ml
  • Butter - 55 g
  • Sugar - 65 g
  • Lemon Zest, Peppermint Extract
Chocolate fudge
  • Break the bar of chocolate into a saucepan, add the indicated amount of softened butter.
  • On the slowest heat, melt the mass, but do not bring it to a boil.
  • Then add juice, sugar to the pan, stir and cook for a few more minutes. until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • If desired, add a little lemon zest to the fondant, it will give it a special aroma and taste. You can also use mint extract.
  • To prepare such a glaze, it is better to use high-quality chocolate, but if desired, it can be replaced with confectionery glaze or take the ingredients in equal proportions.
  • It is necessary to cover Easter cakes with such fondant after it cools down a little and thickens.

Sugar protein fondant for Easter cakes

This fudge recipe can also be called the simplest, and it is precisely it that is most often used by hostesses. On top of such a glaze, you can pour various sprinkles.

  • Powdered Sugar - 25 g
  • Egg white - 2 pcs.
  • Lemon Juice - 7 g
For Easter cakes
  • Put the indicated amount of protein in a suitable container and pour in the lemon juice. Use a mixer or blender to whip the mass into lush foam.
  • Now gradually introduce the powder into the mass, but do not beat it with a mixer anymore, do it with a fork or a whisk manually.
  • As a result, you get a thick, lush protein mass.
  • You need to use fudge immediately after its preparation.

Chocolate lemon fondant for Easter cakes

This fondant stands out from everyone else because it is unusual. It turns out the glaze is very fragrant and delicious.

  • Cocoa - 65 g
  • Lemon juice - 30 ml
  • Icing sugar - 270 g
  • Butter - 85 g
With citrus
  • Take pre-softened butter and place it in a pan with a thick bottom, add lemon juice here. Melt the butter over the slowest fire.
  • Then add the powder and cocoa to the resulting mass, stir the contents of the container.
  • Simmer another 3-5 minutes over low heat. stirring constantly.
  • If desired, you can add flavorings, zest of lemon or orange, peppermint extract, nuts, etc. to the mass.
  • The advantage of such a glaze is that it quickly freezes on the sandpiper, holds well on it, does not crumble, etc.
  • It is necessary to cover the cake with such fondant after it cools down a little.

Color fondant for Easter cakes

With the help of such fudge, you can very beautifully decorate holiday cakes. Using natural dyes, you can cook completely different colors.

We will analyze step by step the preparation of pink, burgundy, and raspberry fudge. Using this instruction, but changing the coloring ingredient, you can prepare blue, violet, green, orange, etc. sweets.

  • Egg white - 2 pcs.
  • Icing sugar - 220 g
  • Lemon Juice - 10 g
  • Beetroot Juice
Bright sweets
  • Beat the whites and lemon juice with a mixer or blender until foam appears.
  • Then gradually introduce the powder into the mass, continue to whisk the icing until it becomes lush and thick.
  • Wash the beets, peel, grate. Squeeze the juice from the grated beets. How much juice to add to the mass is up to you, the saturation of the fudge color depends on its quantity. However, pay attention to the fact that if you add too much juice, the icing will become too liquid and will not freeze on the sandwich. Therefore, if you want to get a rich burgundy fondant color, use a little more powder. In portions, introduce juice into the mass, gently mix it with a fork and apply on the Easter cake.
  • You can get the green color of fudge by adding spinach juice, violet - blueberry juice, blue, bluish - blueberry juice, very little soda, yellow, orange - turmeric.

Tasty and beautiful fudge for Easter cake - it is very simple, you need only a little time, desire and ingredients available to everyone. Covering your cake with sweets prepared according to the above recipes, you will receive the most beautiful, original and delicious products.

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