10 books perfect for a vacation: list, short description

Going on vacation, do not forget to bring an interesting book with you - it will entertain you on the road, will not let you get bored on the beach or will be company on the evening veranda, after a long day. The main rule that must be observed when choosing holiday literature is the ease of the plot, the ease of presentation, the ease of the volume itself.

You can escape from everyday life, plunging headlong into someone else's story - empathize with the heroes, explore the unknown, conquer new heights. Each of us is looking for a different reading experience, because we all have different needs.

10 books perfect for a vacation

  • Someone wants to relive the story of another love, and it doesn’t matter - someone else’s or very similar to their own. Therefore, women often choose romance novels or poetic lyrics.
  • Correlation of oneself with the heroines of love dramas makes it possible for many to live intimate relationships with other people, which in real life they would not dare for various social or religious reasons.
  • Other people, on the contrary, cannot reduce the degree of tension even on vacation, so they choose psychological thrillers, espionage detectives or scientific prose. Detectives, especially espionage, are also fond of those people who in everyday life lack drive, adventure, and want to solve secrets, intrigues, and conspiracies.
  • And whatever your soul would like on vacation, we have compiled a top book of books for your vacation; it is based on the most frequent requests from several literary sites in different genres. We are sure you will find something to your liking and for yourself!

List of books for vacation:

  1. "The last romantic." Elizabeth Gilbert
  • A nice novel in the genre biography. It reads well in nature, away from the benefits of civilization.
  • The book is very interesting for its inconsistency. On the one hand, this book about the life of Eustace Conwaywho chose a difficult life away from the benefits of civilization. He preaches the idea of ​​rational consumption and tries to convey this idea to the younger generation of Americans. To some extent, Eustace can be considered an entrepreneur, he owns a large number of lands on which he arranged something like a camp for extreme survival.
  • He is trying to convey youth the need to live in harmony with nature, talks about the various possibilities and ways to change your life.
  • The life moments of Eustace’s wanderings through forests and mountains, food production methods and other details are described in a very rich and detailed way.
  • On the other hand, this book also has a deep psychological meaning. Based on the character and behavior of the protagonist, the tragedy of deep childhood injuries is built.
  • Eustace Conway has been deeply resentful of his father all his life, he is driven by this resentment, he does not know how to build relationships with people, and it is quite possible that it is not concern for nature that drives him to act, but the desire to run away from people so that he doesn’t experiencing pain from a failed relationship.
  • Eustace has a very difficult relationships with women, his actions raise too many questions, and sometimes even bewilderment. However, behind all this lies the personal drama of the hero, which is gradually and delicately revealed by the author throughout the book.
  • In general, readers praised this book for its rich descriptions of the natural beauties of America, the author’s easy presentation, the opportunity to reflect on interesting ideas and a fascinating immersion in the life of real American cowboys.
  1. Where Magic Ends Graham Joyce
  • Novel in the genre magical realism. Ideal for those who want to escape from reality.
  • This book easily, with humor, tells about amazing life of a special girl, which brings up a wise woman. They live apart, like most of those who do not meet generally accepted standards. They help everyone who needs help, but they do not always receive gratitude for this, heal with herbs and apply ancient practices, and they also have some very useful spells for their souls.
  • The whole romance is saturated the romantic spirit of the old English village, where hares are hiding in the canopy of the trees, the moon gently looks into the windows, the grassy herbs of a real witch are dried in the kitchen and the house is filled with the aroma of homemade pie. And even in the courtyard of 1960, and countries are actively competing in space exploration, and technological progress is inexorably gaining momentum, in Leicestershire county two opposite worlds are touching - the world of magic and the world of modern technology, in which there is no place for the inexplicable.
  • One day, the wise mentor Cullen goes to the hospital, and the main character, a girl named Osoka, is left alone with a variety of domestic problems - from the possible loss of a home for debts to the difficulties of building inter-sexual relations. But the girl is not as simple as it might seem at the very beginning, and through small everyday details in the description we can trace her strong character and enterprise.
  • In general, the book raises many questions about regarding people to those who are different. About the rejection faced by all unlike most. About how often people are ready to turn a blind eye to everything that goes beyond their close convictions. And also about how to live all this without being angry, not giving in and moving on your own path.
  • In general, if you are looking some magic in a daily routine and want to escape from the whole world - welcome to the magical reality of Graham Joyce.
  1. "Blackberry Wine". Joanne harris
  • Another novel in the spirit of magical realism. Suitable for a comfortable reading in a wicker chair with a glass of wine.
  • This is the second novel of the writer from the series “Food Trilogy”, where the first novel was “Chocolate”, and the third - “Five quarters of an orange”.
  • It is already interesting that the narration is conducted on behalf of a bottle of homemade wine, harvest 1962. It describes in detail and in detail the difficult everyday life of a certain writer Mackintoshwho is utterly mired in a literary crisis.
  • Previously, he had already published a rather successful collection of short stories and a book of short stories about the summer, for which he even received a prestigious award, but now everything has changed. He lives off his journalist girl, but at some point, insurmountable disagreements arise and the protagonist, grabbing 6 bottles of home-made wine, goes to Lanskne-sous-Tann, in Provence. It is there that the farm is located, which he once bought in a hurry, and it is here that he will finally have to find his true destiny, find spiritual harmony.

The novel is filled with lightness and nonsense, seasoned with amateur alchemy and lovely atmospheric details.

  • Once a hero hangs somewhere in the middle of his life and asks questions that torment any adult: do I live right, do I move in that direction? And in this novel, author Joan Harris finds for the protagonist a rather successful resolution of his questions. And pushes the hero to answer his questions with rather interesting plot decisions, adding dosed mysticism, romance, nostalgia, a languid feeling of the elusive and other "graces."
  • The story turned out to be quite entertaining, many shades are mixed in it: astringency of flower and fruit wines, spicy aromas of garden plants, fresh a taste of garden fruits, the carelessness of youth and a kaleidoscope of feelings of the protagonist, from childhood to the present. All these ingredients are finely seasoned with magic, which is so organically woven into the narrative that it seems to be not magic at all.
  • After reading this novel, you, of course, can make up a completely different opinion about the book, however, you cannot remain indifferent to the heroes of this work, and the tart aftertaste will excite your mind for a long time to come.
  1. Tuareg Alberto Vasquez-Figueroa
  • Adventure novel, in the genre of realism. The best book for vacation and for reading in the hot eastern resorts.
  • Inhale the hot breath of the majestic desert and go after the narrative to the farthest and most unknown corners of it.
  • The main character of the story, Tuareg Gassel Sayyah - the main figure of the story, and time, place and events are quite secondary. His actions are wild, actions unpredictable, words ruthless. But Gassel is the proud son of the Desert, and the moral principles of his people are common truths to which he follows selflessly and mercilessly.
  • Once, following the laws of his ancestors, he sheltered two travelers for the nightand then also sheltered the soldier. But the soldiers killed one of the guests of Gassel and captured another, which caused Sayyakh deep resentment, since everyone who enters his house is under his protection. So, he decides to avenge his guests and sets off alone to realize his plan. In the course of the narrative, it becomes clear that the leitmotif of the book is the confrontation of a brave and simple-minded savage inexorably approaching civilization, sweeping away all those who disagree from the face of the earth.
  • Tuareg's revenge will have completely unexpected and even global consequences that a brave lone hero was not ready to face. In addition, blindly following the cruel laws of his people endangers those who depend on him directly, this is his family, forced to survive on their own.
  • The plot captures from the first pages, the novel is filled with adventure, events are developing very dynamically, without unnecessary drama, with a fair amount of realism. The main character is fighting for his principles, alone confronts the brutal state system of a young African state, which leads to a completely unpredictable, even shocking ending.
  • The book makes you think of a simple truth - violence breeds violence and you need to look for new ways to solve eternal problems.
  1. "Cold time." Fred vargas
  • A detective novel from a series about the commissioner of the French police Adamberg. For those who go to the French Riviera or just like to solve puzzles.
  • The book will intrigue you from the very first pages. So, in a row there are several murders, similar to suicides, but in each case a mysterious sign is left at the place of murder.
  • Everything is fine in the story - and atmosphere of the french republic, and the motives of the acting characters, and the commissioner's team investigating the killings, and the author’s subtle humor. The book mentions many historical events of those times. And although, at first glance, it may seem to you that historical facts overload the story, but as you read it, you will make sure that this is not so.
  • Historical details add atmosphericness and scale to the novel, you can easily navigate the nuances of the characters with the help of one of the characters, Danglar's elegant booze.
  • Commissioner Adamberg unusual investigator. Studying the facts and getting new information, he often listens to the voice of his intuition, which helps him eventually advance in the intricacies of the fate of the heroes. The commissioner's team is made up of special employees, each of them has his own strengths and weaknesses that influence their conclusions.
  • Investigating the killings, the commissioner first gets to Iceland, and then to the society of admirers of Robespierre, whose members do not always distinguish history from reality. The plot interestingly maneuvers between different events and versions, moves dynamically from one to another, and only occasionally allows the reader to take a break on the bank of the French river with Commissioner Adamberg, or to listen to the commissar’s neighbor’s thoughts about dreams.
About Commissioner
  1. "Cockroaches." Yu Nesby
  • Novel from the series "World Detective Stars". Perfect for those traveling to Thailand.
  • This is the second novel in the series. about the famous Norwegian detective Harri Hall. The plot begins with the fact that in the Thai motel of dubious level, the Norwegian ambassador was found murdered. A prostitute found him. It smells like an international scandal. And to participate in the investigation, the injured party sends a representative.
  • To investigate this case, known for his attitude to alcohol, Hariya emerges from a state of permanent intoxication and is taken for investigation. As the investigation progresses, he begins to realize that many people had a motive for the murder of the Norwegian ambassador, and politics was fertile ground for making enemies.
  • However, other facts appear in the investigation, which testify to the unseemly predilections of many influential people, the disclosure of such information entails a political catastrophe, which means that Harry Hole encounters great resistance, moving along this line of the investigation and understands that he was not sent here for investigation , but to make a scapegoat. However, this does not stop him, and he brilliantly unravels the ball.
  • The book is filled details of Thai life. The atmosphere of a millionaire gasping in smog was conveyed by the author simply brilliantly. The dishes are described in detail, and it seems that you can even feel the taste of Thai spices in your tongue. Much has been written about the principles of the local police, there is a certain doom and humility in their everyday lives. The plot is developing very dynamically, and the investigation is complicated and complicated.
  • The narrative, like many northern novels, has some gloomy shade, due to the abundance of human vices. However, the charismatic protagonist and the special characters that meet on his way give the novel a subtle fleur that allows you to call the book entertaining, easy to read, able to immerse you in a completely different reality.
About the detective
  1. "PIXAR. Rebooting. How to breathe new life into business." Lawrence Levy
  • The book is written in a biographical genre. Suitable for those who love learn something new on a rest.
  • The book was written by the financier and lawyer Lawrence Levy. Readers praised her for her high level of word proficiency and the narrator’s talent. From his story you will learn many new details about the portrait of the famous businessman Steve Jobs, about his managerial skills and relations with his subordinates.
  • This is a description of the period when Steve was fired from Apple, and is looking for himself in a new field. So, he buys cheaply the cartoon company Pixar, which is in a deplorable state, and it is completely unclear where it will move on.
  • The author, Lawrence Levy, is invited to these conditions, who will have to defeat the loss-making, develop a plan to overcome the crisis and find a new way to solve the problems of the company. The author of the novel very vividly describes all the stages of his complex work.
  • Here and doubts, and disappointments, and the first minor victories, and periods of utter despair, as well as unthinkable dedication and team building, willingness to put everything at stake. This description of the titanic work of Levy himself in the process of working on the cartoon “Toy Story”, his tremendous perseverance and ability to see the path to the light.
  • This book will tell you in an interesting manner the story of how you can become a millionaire in three months, but at the same time, you will not find here empty motivational matches. No, it tells the story of how you can grow an industry giant from a small studio, but it takes a lot of effort, a good team, a little luck and unlimited faith in the work you are doing, and not everything depends on one leader on this thorny path.
  • In the end, there is an interesting conclusion that spiritual and material inseparably, everything must be in balance, and then success will not be delayed. The book is read in one breath.This is a fascinating real story that can teach you a lot.
  1. "Our souls at night." Kent Garouf
  • The book is a modern bestseller in the genre lyrical romance. An ideal book for relaxation, for beach reading, when the air is filled with aromas of flowers and heat.
  • This is very beautiful and touching novel that every person is worthy of love, regardless of age, social status, and rank. The story is written very delicately, deeply and multilayered, touches the soul and captures from the first pages.
  • It all starts with the fact that one day, an elderly neighbor, a single woman, invites her elderly single neighbor to spend the night together. No overtones, just spending time together, talking and falling asleep nearby, in the same bed. They are increasingly opening towards each other, until they understand that they can no longer be apart, and we can follow the development of events - how they together go through the various stages of the struggle with public opinion, with their inner convictions, with the rejection of these conscious relationships by their own children . And since they live in a rather small town, these relationships quickly become known to the public.
  • The book touches on a very important issue, that adults with the appearance of people are often so selfish that they forget about the feelings of the people around them, and everyone suffers from it.
  1. "A secret not hidden by anyone." Alice Munroe
  • This is a collection of short stories. Perhaps the most summer reading.
  • The stories are good because, having read not so many pages, you can feel the whole gamut of feelings that the writer wants to convey. If he is, of course, a talented writer. And Alice Munroe managed to win some fame in the field of laconicism.

In this book, the main question is what, after all, is real life? Three completely different heroines find completely dissimilar answers to this question:

  • The first one writes life with a pattern of ongoing struggle, it seems that for another turn it will come, real life. But what then happens now?
  • Another lives like everyone else, believing that it should be so. But is the heroine real, does her life live? Could it be any different?
  • The third lives without problems, here and now, living every minute. But others are trying to impose their opinions on her.

And which of them is right? So many different answers, but so few of them are so happy. Book for vacation very light, read in one breath, the story is leisurely and somehow cozy, and will give you a lot of pleasure on vacation.

  1. "The amazing Maurice and his learned rodents." Terry Pratchett
  • Book in the genre satirical fantasy. Suitable for relaxing after hard work, read in a hammock.
  • The protagonist of the novel gives the impression of a stupid boy, however, not everything is so simple. There are still talking rats, united by the dream of their own isolated state, as well as the unique cat Maurice. All these characters are united insidious and intricate planaccording to which, a flock of rats floods the city, and a boy with a cat heroically liberate the city from rats, for a fee, of course. But in one of the cities everything went awry. The mysterious Pied Piper and the darkness hidden by the dungeons appeared in the story.
  • The book captures with an amazing plot, and even if you are not a fan of fantasy, it is worth reading because of Terry Pratchett's amazing talent to fill his works with deep truths, masterfully weaving them into the ironic outline of the work.
For relax

According to one reputable psychologist, in our daily lives we try to be as collected, objective as possible, we don’t allow ourselves to be too carried away by dreams or fictions, we restrain spontaneous manifestations of feelings. But on vacation everything happens differently, we allow ourselves to relax, and in the books we first of all look for some compensation for such stubbornly restrained impulses.

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