Women's crochet sweater, two-tone with a gloss effect, openwork, with captivating mesh, cardigan, pullover: knitting pattern, description, photo

In this article, we will discuss ideas for creating a beautiful crochet sweater. We also offer you detailed diagrams and a description to simplify the work.

A sweater is a warm clothing that has a high neck, but there are no fasteners on it. But people often call a sweater a sweater or pullover. In fact, these things are also considered a sweater, only they lack a neck. Women’s crochet needlewomen knit very rarely, since a feature of this product is considered a fairly high density and pattern.

Be that as it may, today there are a huge number of options that require precisely these qualities. For example, openwork sweaters made of mohair or angora yarn. In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with methods for knitting a female crochet sweater.

Women's crochet sweater: pattern selection

A knitted sweater looks more familiar than a crocheted item. In addition, the canvas of this model is considered softer. But making a sweater with a hook is also possible. If you have limited opportunities, but you choose a specific ornament, you can quite replace the crochet knitting needles. If you are a professional in this matter, then you will be able to cope with more complex work. For example, you can knit socks with a hook, mittens and other products.

To begin, think about which yarn and pattern to choose. Your work will be successful if the threads are not very thick. Ideal yarn - 400 m per 100 g. Of these threads you may well get a solid, dense and openwork product.

Fairly successful combination - threads in which up to about 80% natural fibers will be present. If the percentage is below 40%, then this type of yarn will make an easy option that you can wear in the warm season. If 90% of natural fibers are present in the yarn, then in the end you will get a warm product. But due to regular friction on such clothes, spools under the armpits will appear on the bottom of the product, on the sides.

It is important to choose a beautiful pattern

Depending on the chosen model, you can use the following ornaments:

  • Solid
  • Conditionally continuous
  • Openwork
  • An ornament that consists of several patterns simultaneously

Very often, simple patterns are taken as a dense pattern by needlewomen. For example, single crochet. During the manufacture of the canvas with the help of precisely these techniques, horizontal stripes are obtained.

A conditionally continuous ornament is a pattern in which a small number of openwork holes are present. You can apply such a pattern if you want to knit a model of thin warm threads. Openwork ornament is used for the basis of a decorative sweater or as an element that combines with dense patterns. The latter pattern is very often used to make women's sweaters.

Women's crochet sweater two-tone: description, photo

To make this model you will need the following materials:

  • Threads red - 2 skeins
  • White threads - 1 skein
  • Hook number 2
  • Hook number 3

Back manufacturing process:

  • Tie the chain to the airy 38 cm long.
  • Knit the RLS cloth so that its height is 39 cm.
  • Start forming a sleeve. Remove 2 times from one end of the product 2 CH, and from the other edge 2 CH. Then in each region 3 times 1 CH.

The manufacturing process before:

  • Knit in front of the product identically to the back, however, in the ornament you need to alternate: convex CH and concave CH.
  • Rapport pattern, which is located horizontally: convex CH, 5 CH, convex CH * - knit as many times as necessary.
  • Next, knit the following P: concave CH, 5 CH, concave CH *. On the front side, vertically, you get a segment consisting of convex C and equal to 5 R.
We knit

During the execution of the throat, first knit the right side of the product, then knit the left side, connecting both canvases with a thread.

Knit with a neck

Sleeve manufacturing process:

  • Take the red thread. Using a knitting needle, draw a chain so that its length is 18 cm. Knit a cloth about 2 cm wide 5 mm wide. Next, crochet.
  • 1 P knit CH in each P, which is formed after the needle is removed.
  • 2 P knit CH using hook No. 3. Skip 1 lower C.
  • Starting from 3 P and ending with 9 P, knit P without gaps.
  • 12 P - you should form a strip consisting of 44 CH. Conditionally divide this strip into 3 parts. Each should have 16 CH of red yarn and 12 CH of beige yarn.
  • In the following P beige, add 2 CH each side with a red thread of CH.
  • Then knit with identical color 9 P, go to the alternation of threads.
  • When knit a cloth 39 cm long, start reducing the number C from 2 sides: reduce 2 CH each time and reduce 1 CH 3 times.
  • When you are finished knitting, turn over the shoulder notch with the RLS.

Cuff manufacturing process:

When making the cuff, use 2 hooks. The work is identical to the beginning of the work of the sleeve, only in mirror image

End of work:

Finished result

Take all the parts of the product, sew them, taking into account the color of the thread each time.

Women's crochet sweater "Gloss Effect": scheme, description, photo

To make this product, take:

  • Brown yarn - 600 g
  • Hook number 6
  • Hook number 8
  • Hook number 10

The manufacturing process of the central part:

  • Knit in the transverse direction.
  • Take hook number 6, knit pattern number 1. Lift 21 P on one side, knit 79 cm with the ornament that is shown on the diagram number 2, finish knitting.
  • Sew the hem to the side of the motif that is loose.
  • Lock the part to make a ring.

The manufacturing process of the front yoke:

  • Center the central canvas pattern.
  • Lift 49 P along the upper edge, while grabbing 13 cm on both sides of the pattern. Knit a pattern according to the scheme No. 2.
  • When you knit 13 cm, close the central 17 P of the neckline: on the one side of these P in each P 2 times 2P, and on the other hand too.
  • When knit 22 cm, finish the job.

The process of manufacturing a yoke back:

  • Step away from the front yoke from 2 sides of 4 cm - these will be armholes.
  • On the remaining 45 cm of the canvas, lift 49 P, knit with the ornament that is indicated in scheme No. 2.
  • When you knit a 22 cm high fabric, you will get 12 P of each shoulder, as well as 25 P of the throat.
  • Finish the job.

The manufacturing process of the lower part:

  • Take the center piece.
  • On its lower edge with the help of hook No. 6, lift 108 П, knit circular Р with ornament No. 3.
  • When crocheting 11 cm, grab hook number 8. Knit 11 cm.
  • Take hook number 10. Having knitted 34 cm of the entire canvas, finish the job.
Finished result

Sleeve manufacturing process:

  • Take hook number 6.
  • Dial the chain of 27 VIs.
  • Knit the pattern indicated in pattern number 2.
  • Add from 2 sides in each 3 P 11 times 1 P. In the end, you should get a product with a height of 48 cm.
  • Finish the job.

Build process:

  • Process all the details of the product.
  • Complete all seams, sew on sleeves.
  • Take hook number 6. With it, tie the neck, bottom of the sweater, sleeves.

Sweater female crochet sports style: scheme, description, photo

To knit this sports sweater, take:

  • Gray acrylic threads - 500 g
  • Yellow acrylic threads - 15 g
  • Red acrylic threads - 15 g
  • Buttons - 3 pcs.
  • Long hook number 4
  • Knitting needles number 4

Back manufacturing process:

  • Take the knitting needles. Dial 97 P, tie a rubber band 3 cm wide.
  • Continue crocheting using Tunisian knitting and a single thread.
  • Tie up the medication as shown. Please note that in this case, the working thread should be located on the left, so that you can knit the reverse P and evenly add 9 P.
  • When knitting a 34 cm long fabric, proceed as follows: close 4 P from 2 sides in each P, then close 3 P, 2 times close 2 P, reduce 3 times 1 P, stepping back from the start of 2 P - this is how it turned out armhole.
  • Having knitted 14 cm from the place where the armhole begins, divide P for the cut.
  • Tie another 6 cm, close the neckline of 20 P and reduce 2 times 2 P. At the same time, back 2 P from the edge of the work.
  • When the total height of the product is 56 cm, close the job.

The manufacturing process before:

  • Knit before you knit the back.
  • When knitting an elastic band, distribute the colors of the yarn as follows: 21 P knit with gray yarn, 4 P red, 4 P gray, 4 P yellow, continue to knit with a gray thread.
  • The height of the yellow strip should be 31 cm, the height of the flat red should be 40 cm.
  • When knit a cloth 48 cm high, close 32 P, 2 sides of these P in each R. At the same time, back 2 P from the edge of the fabric, 6 times back 1 P.
  • When you get a total height of 56 cm, finish knitting.

The process of manufacturing the right sleeve:

  • Take the knitting needles. Dial 53 P, knit an elastic band 4 cm high.
  • Next, knit with Tunisian knitting, while doing the LP.
  • Add at the same time evenly in each 1 P 3 P.
  • Then, on all 2 sides, add 1 P. in all 8 Ps, only 12 times.
  • When knit 40 cm, close 4 P from 2 sides, decrease 28 P by 28, while 2 P from the edge.
  • After receiving the product 54 cm high, finish the job.

The process of manufacturing the left sleeve:

  • Tie the sleeve as right.
  • When knit 30 cm, start knitting strips: 5 Р knit with a yellow thread, 5 Р knit with a gray thread, 5 Р knit with a red thread. Continue knitting with gray thread.

Build process:

  • Paste each detail on the pattern.
  • Moisten the parts, wait for them to dry.
  • Sew on the shoulders and sides, sew on the sleeves.
  • Along the edge of the neck, dial 96 P using gray knitting needles.
  • Knit 7 Р with an elastic band, close П according to the ornament.
  • Make 3 loops on one edge of the cut, and buttons on the other.

Women's openwork crochet sweater: diagram, description, photo

The following sweater will help you make the following materials:

  • Acrylic threads - 850 g
  • Hook number 3.5
  • Knitting needles number 4

Back manufacturing process:

  • Take the knitting needles, dial 94 P.
  • Knit 10 cm elastic.
  • Close all П by ornament.
  • Using the hook, raise 87 P along the edge of the elastic band, knit the ornament according to the pattern.
  • Having knitted a cloth 51 cm high, close the work.

The manufacturing process before:

  • Knit in front like a back.
  • When knit 47 cm, close 15 P in the center, on 2 sides of these P close 1 time 6 P, then close 6 P again.
  • Having knitted 51 cm of the total height, close the work.

Sleeve manufacturing process:

  • Take the knitting needles.
  • Dial 49 P, knit 12 cm elastic.
  • Close all П by ornament.
  • From the edge of the elastic band raise 52 P, knit an ornament from the diagram.
  • Make an addition from 2 sides: in 4 P close 8 times 1 P.
  • When you get a canvas 55 cm high, finish the job.

Collar manufacturing process:

  • Take the knitting needles.
  • Dial 139 P, knit with an elastic band.
  • When you get a 23 cm canvas, close the job.

Build process:

  • Pin the details on the pattern.
  • Moisten the parts, wait for them to dry a little.
  • Gather all the details, sew them.
  • Sew on the collar at the end.

Women's crocheted sweater from hexagons: diagram, description, photo

The size of this product is 36/38. For its implementation, purchase the following materials in advance:

  • Merino threads - 650 g
  • Hook number 4

The process of manufacturing a hexagonal motif:

  • Start knitting a ring. Knit as indicated in the diagram using circular R.
  • Each circular P start to knit with the VP, that is, with the rise, end with 1 CH or 1 connecting C, introducing it into the last VP of the rise.
  • Fold 1 ring of yarn, tie 1 P into the ring.
  • Lock the ring with connector C, then pull the thread to the size you need.
  • From 1 circular P and 4 circular P perform 1 time.
  • When you start to knit 2 motif, in the last P circle in the designated places, do the joining using 1 connecting C.

General product manufacturing process:

  • Tie 74 motifs in total.
  • When you tie 1 motive, attach the following motive to it, knit it, and so on.
  • The pattern shows only 1 2 of the front and back of 1 2 sleeves. Keep this in mind.

Women's crochet sweater "Captivating mesh": diagram, description, photo

To get a complete product, for work, take:

  • Light yarn - 800 g
  • Black yarn - 20 g
  • Hook number 6
Pattern Scheme

The manufacturing process of all parts:

  • Start knitting in front of sweaters. Take the light threads, dial the chain consisting of 71 VP. Knit as indicated in pattern number 1.
  • When you knit 40 cm, dial additionally for each sleeve from 2 sides in each P: 1 time 22 P, 1 more time 22 P, then knit 21 P. As a result, you get 201 P.
  • Having knitted a cloth 8 cm high, from the place where the sleeves begin, close for the throat 13 P, which are in the center.
  • From 2 sides of these Ps, knit in each P: 2 times knit 3 P, then 2 times knit 2 P, knit P separately.
  • When you knit 11 cm from the neck, combine P. Enter between P a chain of 33 VP.
  • Knit a cloth 16 cm high.
  • Perform from 2 sides in each P as follows: close 21 P, then close 1 time 22 P, and 1 more time 22 P. You should get 71 P.
  • Knit a fabric 40 cm high.
  • Finish the job.
Finished result

Build process:

  • Pin each detail to the pattern.
  • Moisten the parts, wait for them to dry.
  • Sew on the sides, sew the sleeves.
  • Tie the neck with a light thread as indicated in the diagram.
  • When crocheting a collar with a height of 14 cm, close the job.
  • Take the black threads. Tie 3 double strips of them about 1 m 20 cm long.
  • Thread 1 strip into the neckline. Pass the 2 remaining strips at the bottom edge of the sweater.

Below we will present you crochet patterns for women's sweaters and sweaters in photo instructions.

  • Women's crochet sweater "Snow Queen".
Women's crochet sweater "Snow Queen"
  • Women's crochet mottled sweater.
Women's crochet sweater mottled
  • Women's crochet zigzag sweater.
Women's crochet zigzag sweater
  • Female crochet half-neck with strap Carmen.
Female crochet half-neck with strap Carmen
  • Women's striped crochet sweater.
Women's striped crochet sweater Women's striped crochet sweater
  • Women's hem with lace border.
Women's hem with lace border
  • Female striped half.
Female striped half
  • Women's striped sweater.
Women's striped sweater