The vessels on the legs burst and bruises appear: treatment and how to gloss over. Why do bruises appear on my legs without bruises, for no reason?

Identification of the causes and methods of treating bruises.

There are situations that bruises on the legs arise from nowhere. You will learn about the causes and methods of treating bruises on your legs in this article.

Types of bruises on the legs without bruises, for no reason: yellow and black

A bruise with medical terminology sounds like a hematoma, which appears when the blood infiltrates soft tissues. Bruises usually occur when tissue injuries and rupture of blood vessels from which blood flows. But also hematomas on the legs are due to:

  • Increased fragility of blood vessels or purpura, but the cause of such fragility should already be clarified with a thorough examination in a hospital
  • Acanthocratoderma - in the case of such a disease, bruises of black color appear on the skin. This may be the result of increased insulin, so you should undergo a thorough examination to identify disorders in the body
  • Anemia - bruises can appear for no reason due to decreased hemoglobin, at first they are of usual blue color, then they turn yellow
  • Oncology - one of the worst causes of bruising is cancer. Therefore, if you notice that hematomas often appear out of nowhere, undergo a thorough examination.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun - due to overheating, fatty tissues that protect the body from ultraviolet radiation are destroyed or even destroyed, and the vessels become unprotected. This leads to bruises on the body for an unexplained reason.
  • Vitamin deficiency - due to a decrease in the amount of vitamin needed in the body, barely noticeable yellow or yellow-green bruises may occur on the legs
  • Medication - medications that thin the blood can cause bruising on the legs for no apparent reason.
There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of bruises

Now you know most of the reasons why bruises can appear on your legs. If you did not have an injury, and bruises continue to appear, be sure to consult a doctor to exclude the possibility of a serious illness.

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Why do bruises on women legs often appear, after childbirth, during pregnancy?

You will not surprise anyone with the appearance of bruises after childbirth and during pregnancy, since there is a natural explanation for this - during pregnancy, certain changes occur in the woman’s body, the consequences of which also occur after childbirth. The appearance of hematomas in an interesting position and after the birth of a child can occur due to:

  • thrombophilic disorders
  • hemorrhagic diathesis
  • varicose veins
  • taking medication
  • vitamin deficiency
  • liver diseases
Bruising can occur for no reason and during pregnancy.

Take a contrast shower to prevent bruising on your feet, but be very careful not to get sick. After all, now you should worry not only about your health, but also about the baby’s health.

Bruises for no reason in men

If bruises appear on your body, but you don’t know their obvious reason, then consider the most likely causes, not considering bruises from bumps or bruises:

  • When blood diseases, this may be due to platelet count. Be sure to undergo a thorough examination and take a blood test
  • The vessels are located close to the skin.
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Taking drugs that thin the blood or cause fragility of blood vessels
  • The initial degree of manifestation of varicose veins
  • Violation of the nervous or endocrine system
Bruise in a man

Do not neglect your health, undergo a thorough examination if you observe symptoms such as the cause of bruising. All reasons, except the proximity of the vessels are subject to medical treatment.

Bruising after training: causes

Sport is very important both for well-being in general and for shaping a beautiful figure. But there are situations when, after training, bruises appear on the body, the reason for this may be:

  • Bruises during training - the simplest explanation for bruising is bruising during training. You can hit a shell or, if it’s a pair sport, from a partner
  • Brittle vessels - this option cannot also be ruled out; from heavy loads or active training, vessels may burst, which leads to hemorrhages, and as a result, to a bruise
  • Improper nutrition - if you are working hard, then you must definitely eat right. During training, you lose a lot of energy that must be restored, otherwise fragile vessels and a weakened body will be the result of your training
Bruising may occur during heavy training.

Take care of your body and body, but do not overwork and do not exercise until exhaustion, otherwise the consequences may not be the best.

The child has bruises on the legs: causes

Bruises on a child’s legs are one of his childhood memories. Due to the active spending of time, the appearance of hematomas on children's feet is not at all surprising, such bruises do not require increased attention and quickly pass with proper treatment at home.
But if bruises occur by themselves, then this is a cause for concern, because this may be the reason:

  • Blood clotting disorders - this may be due to an insufficient number of platelets. To find out, you must have a medical examination
  • Lack of vitamin C, K or P - these vitamins are responsible for coagulability, vascular strength, proper blood flow. Thus, their lack leads to problems with blood vessels and the appearance of hematomas
  • Calcium deficiencies - the strength of blood vessels depends on it, so pay attention to products or vitamins containing this trace element
  • Heredity - if your relatives had similar symptoms, then the bruises should not be surprised. But still, you should consult a doctor to get professional advice and to prevent too frequent manifestations of hematomas on the body
Bruises on her knees - childhood memories

The manifestation of bruises on the feet of children is not always something terrible, but for personal complacency it is better not to lose sight of such manifestations. After all, hematomas can be a signal of the initial stage of the disease, which can be prevented with proper treatment.

Treatment of bruises on the legs: ointments, creams

For any serious injury, consult a doctor immediately. But the first help from bruises after a bruise is a variety of ointments and creams, the most effective of which are:

  • Express bruise - a cosmetic remedy for bruises. The main component is tramp, in case of instant application after a bruise it prevents the appearance of a bruise, apply in a couple of hours - the bruise will pass in 2 days
  • Bruise off - the main component is the leech extract, due to which the bruises disappear faster, swelling decreases
  • Via indovasin swelling and pain decrease, since the drug has an analgesic effect, and also relieves inflammation
  • All funds, of which the main component is arnicaare used by athletes for injuries, so naturally such ointments are very effective
  • Using heparin ointment you can get rid of bruises and muscle bruises
  • Troxevasin ointment will not only relieve swelling and reduce pain from bruises, but, thanks to the components in its composition, reduces vascular fragility
  • The composition of the lyoton and lavenum includes heparin, which contributes to the rapid healing of bruises and reduce edema from hematomas
  • A very useful and effective remedy will be Heparoid ointment, which not only relieves swelling, but also prevents the appearance of blood clots
In modern medicine, there are many remedies for bruises

All these drugs are extremely effective in the fight against hematomas. Use the indicated ointments in case of bruises and be healthy!

How to remove a bruise on the leg: how to gloss over

If you are planning an important event, and there is an ugly bruise on your leg, then in addition to medications you can use folk and cosmetics:

  • A cold item - it can be ice, or even frozen chicken. The main thing is to wrap the item with a cloth so that in the company of a bruise, you will not get frostbite
  • Warm compress - this can be done only a day after a bruise, thus, swelling and bruising are more likely to resolve
  • Concealer concealer
  • Cabbage leaf with honey - smear your leg with honey for the night and attach a cabbage leaf to the bruise. This method can accelerate the resorption of the ill-fated bruise
  • Iodine network - iodine improves blood circulation and accelerates the healing of a bruised area
  • Tramp - apply a slurry of powder to the damage. When using 2 r per day, you will see a quick effect
A bruise can be successfully masked

The main thing is to do everything on time and correctly. Do not too often smear the bruise with ointment or use folk remedies, so, to everything else, you can get an allergy.
A bruise is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also dangerous. If you observe a frequent manifestation of hematomas on the legs, this is the first signal for a thorough examination. Do not neglect your health, take time to visit a doctor and be healthy!