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The word FREQUENTLY: is it necessary to highlight with commas, is this an introductory word or not? The word FREQUENTLY: what part of speech?

Let's talk about the reefs of punctuation and see if you put extra commas next to the word "often."

The word FREQUENTLY - whether to highlight with commas or not: rule

Not! The word "often" does not stand out with commas.

In the Russian language there are words that never require additional punctuation marks, including commas.

List of words that are not comma-separated

Important: a comma can only be placed if there is a refinement or isolation after the given word. For example: Often, especially losing, Andrew was emotional and rude.

Is the word FREQUENTLY an introductory word or isolation or not?

This word is neither introductory nor isolated.

The word FREQUENTLY: what part of speech?

This is an adverb. The proposal acts as the circumstances of the course of action and answers the question as?

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