Holiday salad "Prague": ingredients and a step by step recipe with chicken, prunes, walnuts and cheese layers in order. How to make a delicious Prague salad with ham and mushrooms, mushrooms, smoked sausage, cucumber and cheese: the best recipes

This article has the three most delicious Prague salad recipes.

Salad "Prague" - a new, unusual taste and a very beautiful dish. This recipe appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to gain popularity among housewives. It is prepared for family holidays, weddings, anniversaries. This dish is eaten to the last spoon. This article presents several recipes for this salad. Choose and amaze households and guests.

Holiday salad "Prague": ingredients and a step by step recipe with chicken, prunes, walnuts and cheese layers in order

Holiday salad "Prague" with chicken, prunes, walnuts and cheese layers

Chicken fillet goes well with prunes, nuts and mayonnaise. This composition delights and makes you enjoy the taste of this dish. It contains notes of sourness, and meat satiety, and a nutty cocktail.

Here are the ingredients for the Prague holiday salad:

Ingredients for the holiday salad "Prague" with chicken, prunes, walnuts and cheese layers

Step by step recipe with chicken, prunes, walnuts and cheese layers in order:

  1. Begin cooking by boiling meat and vegetables. Cook the chicken fillet, but not more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will have a rigid structure. Cut into small pieces.
  2. Boil the carrots in the skin, then peel. Rub finely on a grater board.
  3. Cook and chop eggs into large chips.
  4. Peel the onion and chop finely. Pour the marinade of vinegar, water, black pepper and salt. After a quarter of an hour, drain the liquid and fold the onion chips into a colander.
  5. Grind the cucumbers into small cubes.
  6. Steamed dried prunes in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drain and cut into strips.
  7. Grate the cheese on a fine grater.
  8. Dry the nuts slightly in the oven and chop.
  9. Now lay out the layers. Make a mayonnaise grid between each layer.
  10. First, put the boiled fillet into slices. Then onions, eggs, cheese, cucumbers, carrots, green peas (canned), walnuts.
  11. The prune layer completes this whole composition. Draw on it a mayonnaise grid and decorate with peas.

The excellent taste of this salad appears when it is infused in the refrigerator. It is enough 2 hours, but it is better to put the dish in the cold at night.

How to make a delicious salad "Prague" with ham and mushrooms champignons: recipe

Salad "Prague" with ham and mushrooms champignons

The highlight of the Prague salad is prunes and spicy meat filling. In the previous recipe, chicken fillet went well with cheese and green peas. Here, fried mushrooms and olives will complement the ham. So, how to cook a Prague salad with ham and mushrooms champignons? Here is the prescription:

Prepare this set of products:

Ingredients for Prague Salad with Ham and Champignon Mushrooms

Now follow all the steps:

  1. Cut the ham into medium cubes.
  2. Wash the mushrooms, peel and cut into large slices. Fry them in a pan with vegetable oil. Chill.
  3. Cut the cucumbers and squeeze out the excess liquid.
  4. Cook the eggs, remove the shell and cut into large cubes.
  5. Cook carrots and cut into cubes.
  6. Chop dill and onion finely.
  7. Remove the olives from the jar and cut into 2 parts.
  8. Soak the dried fruits of prunes in boiling water, allow to steam for 10 minutes and drain the water. Finely chop the berries.
  9. Collect the salad by folding layers on top of each other and smearing them with mayonnaise.
  10. First put the ham on the plate, then the mushrooms, half the greens, carrots, chopped prune fruits and olives. The last two layers: cucumbers and eggs. Sprinkle the top with the remaining herbs and decorate with mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise saturates each layer and lettuce ingredients merge together. Get a unique and original taste.

How to make a delicious Prague salad with smoked sausage, cucumber and cheese: recipe

Salad "Prague" with smoked sausage, cucumber and cheese

We are used to that only Olivier salad can be made with sausage. But professional chefs like to experiment, and once, one of them made a Prague salad with smoked sausage. Cheese and prunes add spice to this dish, and pickled cucumbers and canned green peas make it taste great. So, how to make a delicious Prague salad with smoked sausage, cucumber and cheese? Here is the prescription:

Prepare the following ingredients:

Ingredients for Prague Salad with Smoked Sausage, Cucumber and Cheese

Now step by step follow all cooking recommendations:

  1. Cut smoked sausage into medium-sized cubes. For this salad, choose not smoked product, but cooked smoked, as such sausage will be softer in structure and will perfectly fit into a single composition with other products. Put the chopped sausage on the dish. Make a net of mayonnaise.
  2. Now chop pickles and lay sausages with mayonnaise on top.
  3. Cut the onion and hold in boiling water for 15 minutes to get rid of the bitter taste. Put on the cucumbers, then mayonnaise.
  4. Then boil the eggs, chop finely and lay out with the next layer. Be sure to then mayonnaise mesh.
  5. Rub cheese finely and put in a salad. Top mayonnaise.
  6. The next layer is carrot. Boil this vegetable and cut into small cubes. Put in the salad and again the mayonnaise.
  7. Remove the green peas from the jar and put in the next layer.
  8. The completion is prunes.

Decorate the top of the salad with a grid of mayonnaise or draw something else. Send to a cold place for impregnation, and then serve to the table.

How to beautifully decorate the holiday salad "Prague" New Year's, birthday, March 8, February 14, 23, wedding, anniversary: ​​ideas, photos

If you need to set the table for a holiday, you want to not just put salads in plates and put on the table, but to make real masterpieces that deserve attention. Let's try to beautifully decorate the Prague holiday salad. It’s easy and you can do it in 15 minutes.

New Year's salad. Black olives make this dish bright and appetizing, while carrots and greens add naturalness to this design.

Beautifully decorated festive salad "Prague" New Year's: ideas, photos

Penguins live where it is cold. Therefore, you can make a salad design in the form of a penguin for a winter holiday - New Year. Sprinkle the top of the salad with protein and shape with black olives.

Beautifully decorated salad "Prague" New Year: ideas, photos

Prague Salad is great for a birthday festive table. In this case, the mushrooms serve as a simple but interesting decoration.

Beautifully decorated holiday salad "Prague" for Birthday: ideas, photos

And again black olives. But what without them, because it is "Prague". Inside, prunes, meat, onions, cucumbers, and on the outside a delicate cheese that sets off the black color of small fruits. This design will look beautiful if you put the salad on a dark dish.

Beautifully decorated Prague salad for a birthday: ideas, photos

March 8. In this decoration, there are flowers from yolk and greenery, and roses from carrots and the layers of Prague are visible. Stylish and original.

Beautifully decorated holiday salad "Prague" on March 8: ideas, photos

The 14th of February all lovers arrange a romantic dinner for their soul mates. Make a salad in clear glasses - this will be the best decoration for such an evening.

Beautifully decorated holiday salad "Prague" on February 14: ideas, photos

February 23. There are cucumbers in this salad, which means you can decorate the dish with them. Here is one of the options.

Beautifully decorated holiday salad "Prague" on February 23: ideas, photos

For the wedding there should be a luxurious decoration of salads, because this is a special day for the newlyweds and all guests. Here is an option to decorate the salad with olives and herbs.

Beautifully decorated festive Prague salad for a wedding: ideas, photos

When planning an anniversary, many people get lost and do not know what to cook on the table. After all, I want to surprise guests with the design and unique taste. Above in the text, you can choose a salad recipe, and you can arrange it like this.

Beautifully decorated festive salad "Prague" for the anniversary: ​​ideas, photos

Simple but tasteful is this design. Fresh cucumbers complement the taste of the salad.

Beautifully decorated Prague salad for the anniversary: ​​ideas, photos

All the recipes presented in this article are simple, and step-by-step cooking will help make the dish even for novice housewives. Surprise your household and guests with a unique taste and an interesting set of products. Enjoy your meal!

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