How to continue the proverbs with the words: "A stump is not a outskirts ...", "Own land and ...", "Live a century ...", "I’m doing time, but ...", "... don’t go to the forest", "..., but listen nothing "," ... better than big idleness?

In the article you will find the continuation of the proverbs that are most often found in the tasks of tests in the Russian language.

It is an unfortunate fact, but most of our contemporaries do not know the exact definition of the word "proverb", nor the proverbs themselves.

Important: an apt expression that has complete meaning is commonly called a proverb. Proverbs, as a rule, do not have a nationality.

Let's pick the endings to the given proverbs and explain their meaning:

The beginning of the proverbProverb endingThe meaning of the proverb
Stump is not a villagestupid speech is not a proverb.Unfortunately, the stump is just as far from the hedge as the stupid phrase from folk wisdom.
Own landand a handful of sweet.Wherever life throws you, it is better than the place where you were born and raised there is not and will not be.
Century live -learn a century.The world around is so diverse and diverse that a person will not have enough of his whole life to comprehend all secrets and knowledge.
Cause time, andfun hour.Initially, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, who is credited with authorship of this proverb, stated with this phrase: everything has its time. However, now the phrase has a different meaning: you need to rest. But the time spent on rest should be incommensurably less than the time spent on labor.
To be afraid of wolves,and do not go to the forest.All our losses and defeats are in our head. As soon as we take up a business and begin to fear, the business is doomed to failure. Therefore, if you decide to do something, you need to go forward and act boldly.
Said day to nightbut there’s nothing to listen to.Nobody loves chatterboxes and empty-handed. Such people like to talk, but there is nothing sensible in their words.
Little thingbetter than big idleness.Even the smallest work done by man carries the energy of creation, which is completely opposite to the destructive energy of idleness.

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