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Why is a man silent on a date: reasons - what to do?

If you went on a date with a young man, and he got water in his mouth, it is important to analyze the reason for this behavior.

Men do not quite tend to talk a lot. They are designed so that they often listen, not talk. And if the men on the first date are silent, then for the female this is suspicious. After all, they love the ears, and they like it when they talk and compliment about them. Women by nature are very curious creatures and they are interested in what men think about. Let's look at the reasons for men's silence

A man is silent on a date: reasons

Many come up with excuses for such actions or simply do not pay attention. But is the game worth the sacrifice?

  • He has such a character. He is a secretive person by nature and does not like to talk much. This is the usual behavior for him. This is indicated by his asociality, inability to find topics to support the conversation.
  • He does not know what to answer. He answers specifically and meekly to all the questions that you ask him. He does not like to talk a lot and not on business. Such a person loves specifics in questions and gives a clear answer.
  • Does not want to answerso as not to offend you and not put you in an awkward position. This is expressed in the banal inability to tactfully and correctly conduct a conversation. Such a man does not know how to throw words to the wind and conduct stupid conversations, he does not understand jokes and does not know how to tell them himself, does not know how to compliment.
  • He does not know how to express his thoughts. This does not indicate his mean vocabulary. He clearly knows that the thoughts of women and men are different. They can have nothing in common, no hobbies, no interests. And in order to choose the words that a woman will like, you need skill. Therefore, he is simply silent.
  • A man is not very interested what a woman will think and how to react. This situation indicates that the woman is not interesting to him, therefore man is silent on a date. Why strain, because he sees no future with her and therefore does not shine with his mind, and does not say compliments. He does not care about a woman.
Why is he silent?
  • Does not know the answer to the question asked. He simply does not want to answer the girl’s banal questions about her new dress or manicure. He does not follow women's fashion and therefore it is difficult for him to immediately give an answer to the question posed. That is why he is simply silent.
  • He just wants to seem mysterious in the eyes of a woman. Thus, he wants women to be interested in being in his company. He does not finish much, as if letting the lady herself think up what was not said to them. So a girl can dream up and draw conclusions only on a pair of said phrases on the part of a man.

If a man is not stupid, knows how to properly compliment a girl, then he will not be shy, and will maintain a conversation on any topic that the girl will offer. Even if today he cannot do it due to good reasons, he will simply ask her to forgive her for such behavior and say that next time everything will be all right.


It is worth considering that all the reasons for this behavior were not previously caused by sexual contact, disagreement. If the reason for his silence is due to the above reasons, then just give him time to think. Maybe at this moment he is rethinking his life and wants to change everything. If you still can’t wait to find out about his thoughts, you should watch his behavior, gestures - they can tell a lot.

A man is silent on a date: what to do?

You were invited by a guy in a cafe for the first time to meet, just drink coffee. As a resultman is silent on a date and doesn’t know how to behave.

  • Do not force him to answer your questions, Do not take the initiative in your own hands. You are not a circus clown, you were invited to a meeting to get to know each other. Do not ask stupid questions, joke and keep up the conversation. If silence suits him, let him be silent. Of course, at first you can try to stir up the "silent", but if he does not continue to support the conversation, you should not make efforts.
  • Say everything you think and say goodbye. Imagine that you are a patient and have come to see a psychologist. The work of a psychologist is to listen to you. In this situation, the psychologist is a man, and you are a patient. Tell him what bothers you, what you want to achieve in life, what interests you, so that you want to do what to visit. Let the man listen. As a result, you will talk and get a free dinner even if none of this comes of it.
  • Do not come up with excuses for him. Do not invent different reasons for his silent behavior, for example, fatigue, problems at work. Why can he be silent, and you should please him in every way? Any excuses on the part of the man are not appropriate, he himself wanted to meet with you and must maintain a conversation and behave appropriately. Sometimes silence is simply his way of showing his mystery and attracting as many women as possible. It is worth beingware of such men.
Do not force or excuse
  • Be natural. When you repeatedly man is silent on a date, do not hide your discontent. Just ask the direct question: "Why are you constantly silent? I'm bored." This is quite normal behavior in such a situation. You waste your time and don’t get anything and don’t even know what is going on.
  • Speak directly. If you’re tired of everything and you want to leave, you should speak directly so that next time he does not distract you and does not make an appointment, just to keep quiet in the company. Do not come up with excuses why you need to leave now. Better to do it right away than to endure his silence again.

Silence of a man on a date against gestures

Sometimes words do not tell what can be seen in gestures. On a date with a silent companion is the number one help to find out the truth of his silence.

  • A man is silent on a date, but is actively gesturing. He likes you, and he wants to make a good impression on you, but cannot find the right words to express it.
  • He constantly touches his clothes or hairstyle. This behavior is characteristic of the stronger sex. He is not confident in himself, and in order to fix this, he constantly corrects something in his clothes, in his hair. So he expresses his sympathy for you, but he can not decide to tell you this.
  • Having said something, he slightly touches you. So the man makes it clear that he needs you. Pay attention to the part of the body that he is touching. If this is an elbow - he will help in any situation and give advice, hands - next to you he wants to feel equal, waist and lower - so he alludes to sexual contact.
  • Touches his face. This behavior shows that he is interested in talking with you and understands everything that you say. Each of your words scrolls and ponders. Silence is his reaction, which helps to ponder all that has been said.

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