How to determine on your own that you have damage or evil eye: signs of damage and evil eye and adults and children. Corruption and evil eye: similarities and differences. What prayers to read from the evil eye and corruption: text

Methods to identify damage at home and evil eye. Prayer for corruption and evil eye

Many of us think that corruption and the evil eye are one and the same thing. In fact, there is a huge difference between the two. In this article we will look at the difference between spoilage and evil eye. How to determine whether a person really has damage or evil eye?

Corruption and evil eye: similarities and differences

Damage - it is a targeted effect on a certain person, with the goal of worsening his life. Evil eye - This is an unintentional negative emotional impact on a person. Sometimes people who direct the negative energy of the evil eye to a person do not want to do this. They get it involuntarily, by accident. Damage is done purposefully and with one specific goal - to harm or make a person bad.

Please note that the evil eye is induced unintentionally, the person does not want to do you any harm or harm. Just in a fit of emotion, he could not look at you like that, and send his negativity to your biofield. Actually because of this, the evil eye happens. Damage is a more serious impact. It says that you crossed the road for someone. You have an envious person, an ill-wisher who really wants to ruin your life and all its spheres.


Signs of damage and evil eye in children and adults

Signs of evil eye in adults:

  • Usually, weakening of the body, rapid fatigue, loss of strength, headaches
  • Very often injuries of the spine and legs
  • Appearance and skin condition may worsen
  • Rashes appear, or vice versa, excessive peeling
  • Lack of mood, apathy, unwillingness to work
  • Love of alcohol
  • Irritability, moodiness, constant crying
Corruption or evil eye

Signs of spoilage in adults:

  • Constant unpleasant dangerous situations, and problems arise very often and systematically
  • Serious diseases that are not treated in the blink of an eye. This is not an ordinary banal cold, but something serious.
  • Mental disorders, hallucinations, fears may occur
  • Failures in all areas of life. These may be failures at work or in the family
  • Fear of sunlight, a person does not like to look at himself in the mirror
  • There is a fear of church attributes, as well as temples
  • Aggression towards people, coldness and unwillingness to communicate with relatives and friends

It seems to man that he has no meaning in life. Possible alcoholism or addiction to drugs. Please note that damage is targeted. The most ordinary person can not cope with such an impact. Certain skills as well as experience are required. Most often, witches do this.

Evil eye

The most sensitive to the evil eye and spoilage are children. They have a very weak biofield, they cannot defend themselves, so they are more prone to the effects of the evil eye.

Signs of evil eye and damage in a child:

  • Persistent ill health
  • Lethargy and drowsiness
  • Whims, tantrums
  • The child does not sleep well, he has nightmares
  • He is often scared

It is possible to determine the evil eye on a child as in an adult. To do this, methods using an egg, a trace of the ring, as well as a pin that you can attach to clothes are suitable.

Evil eye

How to determine on your own that you are spoiled with church candles

There are several ways to determine for yourself whether damage or evil eye is on you. To do this, you need to carry out several simple rituals.

Damage Detection Methods:

  • Church candles. It is necessary to close the curtains, put candles on the table. They must be sacred, they can be purchased at any monastery or church. Three candles must be lit and read Our Father, May God and the Most Holy Theotokos be resurrected. All these prayers are read 3 times. At this time, it is necessary that the candles burn. After each reading, you need to be baptized three times. Now observe how the candles behave. If they smoke, sparkle, on you there is damage. If they hiss, they will probably go out on you there is an evil eye. If they just burn as usual, do not hesitate, there is no smoke, unpleasant smell, as well as smoking, then you are all right.

How to determine yourself that you are spoiled with a chicken egg

  • Egg.
  • Ritual number 1 to determine damage:It is necessary to fill the glass with cold water and draw three times with your hand along the rim. This is done in order to get rid of the energy of the fluid. Next, you need to carefully break the raw egg so that the yolk remains intact. Now cross the glass and say the prayer May God rise again. Observe the contents of the glass. If the water remained clear, the egg settled at the bottom, everything is in order, there is no evil eye. If the water becomes cloudy or dark, there is damage to you.
  • Ritual number 2 for determining the evil eye:It is necessary to take a chicken egg, break into a glass with cold water. Next, you need to attach a glass to the temechka or raise it over your head for several minutes. Look at the water. If the yolk is on the surface, everything is in order, there is no damage. If white stripes or some strange impurities appear on the yolk, then someone did not look at you that way, there really is an evil eye.

How to determine yourself that you have spoilage with wax, matches

  • Wax. It is necessary to melt the wax and pour into a large, wide bowl, wait for hardening. Now you just need to study what happened. Observe the figure, if there are no irregularities on the surface, everything is fine with you. If there are tubercles or the figure resembles someone’s silhouette, then you are spoiled.
  • To determine if there is a strong witchcraft effect on you, you can use matches. It is necessary to take any container, fill with water, light a match. It should completely burn out. As soon as this happens, throw it into the water. If there is no damage, it will float to the surface. If it drowns, then there is corruption.

Spoilage egg

How to determine yourself that you have the evil eye with the help of St. John's wort grass, embers, pins, gold

To determine the evil eye, you must perform other rituals. You need to watch a person. If he is sleepy, tired, irritability, anxiety is observed, any troubles constantly occur, chronic ailments worsen, he is constantly angry, most likely an evil eye on him. The evil eye can be identified just like spoiling, using interesting and unusual rituals.

Methods for determining the evil eye:

  1. To do this, use St. John's wort grass. It is necessary to take fresh grass and to impose bunches from it. Now in each room hang bunches of St. John's wort and watch. If in your room St. John's wort wilted the fastest, then you have an evil eye.
  2. Another option is to determine whether the evil eye or not, is the use of coals. It is necessary to take cold water and fill a glass. Now throw three coals, they should be hot. If they drown, there is an evil eye, they swim on the surface - there is no evil eye.
  3. You can determine the evil eye with a pin. You need to attach a pin to the clothes, head down. Now ask to save you from evil people. When you get home, you need to check if there is a pin. If she is lost, then you have the evil eye.
Evil Eye Pin

Determines the effects of witchcraft with gold jewelry. Use a gold or silver ring. You need to take the jewel, run a ring on the cheek. If there is a black mark on it, then there is an evil eye. If there are no traces, then most likely there is no evil eye.

Prayer for corruption, evil eye, witchcraft: text

Read the prayer petition three times, and after each time, bow deeply. Such a cleansing will help a person get rid of curses and evil eye. These psalms read like this:

"Lord God the Mighty, King of the Kings, hear the prayer of the servant Cyprian. You have a thousand days of struggle with the dark forces, Bring the heart of the servant of God (name), help him pass all the trials. Protect, save and stand up for the one reading this prayer. Bless, Lord, my house and those who live in it, Protect from all tricks and sorceries. May the devil's intent and deeds be permitted to them. Lord, You are One and Almighty, save your Holy Martyr Cyprian, Have mercy on the slave (name). Three times I say this, three times I bow. Amen! "

Prayer of Kipriyan

Corruption and the evil eye are not the same thing. The evil eye is not necessarily the result of the effects of witchcraft or black magic. Most likely, a person just didn’t look at you like that.

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