How to write a cover letter to a resume in English: example, sample with translation, structure of a business letter. How to write Cover Letter: an example in English with translation

The article will tell you about what a cover letter is and how to write it correctly, to issue it in English.

How to write a letter to the employer in English: recommendations for writing and structure of business letters

In English there several types of business letters:

  • Letter of congratulation (where you officially congratulate a person on an important event or holiday).
  • Letter of thanks (written as a sign of respect and gratitude).
  • Offer letter (written to a business partner where you state your ideas).
  • Alert letter (notifies you of employment or university admission).
  • Application letter (serves as an application for employment).
  • Rejection letter (you write or receive in case of a negative answer).
  • Complaint letter (written with a list of claims)
  • Apology letter (in it you apologize for any inconvenience).
  • Response letter (it writes the necessary information for your questions).
  • Transmittal letter (written with a resume when applying for a job).

IMPORTANT: Few people know that together with a resume when applying for a job, you should write a cover letter.

General rules for cover letter and business letter:

  • Do not make paragraphs with red lines, just start writing it from the beginning of the line.
  • Break the text into columns of the same size
  • The letter is not accepted to abbreviate words
  • Do not expand the margins of the sheet if you divide a lot of text into 2 pages.

The business letter consists of:

  • The first part is "Headline". Here you should indicate your address and data (in the upper left). An indication of the date of writing the letter is also required. Commas are not set.
  • The second part is "Greeting." Here you state the main thoughts and ideas of your letter, thanks or answers to questions.
  • The third part is "Final". You put your signature, write the full name and your position. You can write a postscript.
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How to write Cover Letter, an additional letter to the resume: details

After you have written your English-language resume, start writing. You must send it to your employer, because this is an important part of the image of the work and its obvious plus, which speaks of organization, good breeding and self-confidence. Cover Letter helps you easily get through the interview, or maybe even completely avoid it.

What the cover letter gives:

  • Shows your life position.
  • Represents your interest in work
  • Describe your activities in all colors
  • Attracts to your positive qualities.
  • Interested in employer

Cover letter:

  • This letter is never written by hand, it should be typed on a computer and printed (or sent by email)
  • Carefully place each line and paragraph of the letter
  • Well, if your letter takes 1 page
  • Describe your full interest in work
  • No jokes allowed in the cover letter

Structure Cover Letter:

  • Introduction Introduce yourself and tell us from what source you learned about a vacant post.
  • Main part. List your positive qualities, as well as skills and explain why you should occupy this position.
  • Conclusion Indicate your contact details and write how much you respect the decision of your employer.

Cover letter examples:

Detailed example English letter Accurate translation

Student CV Cover Letter: Example in English

A cover letter to a student can come in handy when applying for a job or when entering an educational institution.

Student Complete Cover Letter Example

Cover letter to the resume of a lawyer: an example in English with translation

When applying for a law firm or a lawyer position, you should be 100% sure that your cover letter is written in an up-to-date style, has no stylistic and grammatical errors.

Letter translation Sample Email

How to thank in a cover letter in English: translation example

In the cover letter, in its final part, it will not be out of place to write polite words of gratitude, than you show your good breeding and kindness.

Acknowledgments at the end of the cover letter: examples

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