How to quickly cure a runny nose? Folk remedies for runny nose and nasal congestion

Folk wisdom offers a lot of recipes. thanks to which you can quickly and effectively get rid of the discomfort that brings a runny nose.

Runny nose - an extremely unpleasant phenomenon that can destroy plans and unsettle you. Flowing mucus from the nose that makes breathing difficult, Deprives you of peace and sleep - a symptom that is difficult to put up with. Modern official and traditional medicine offer many treatment methods this affliction.

How to treat a runny nose folk remedies in adults?

Before embarking on a cold treatment, it’s important to understand that this unpleasant mucus not a disease, but only a symptom of the fact that the body began to struggle against any negative factor.

Mucus helps prevent spread of the virus or allergen throughout the body, which causes such a reaction of our immune system.

Runny nose causes significant inconvenience

In common people and even among doctors there is a joke that if you treat a runny nose, it will go through seven days, and if not treated, then through a week.

Thus, stop the secretion of this very mucus from the nose only temporarily - while the body is attacked by the stimulus, the snot will not go anywhere.

Treating a cold is a futile matter, but discomfort can be temporarily eliminated.

But do not give up completely, because you can significantly relieve your condition stopping the symptom. For this, there are many simple and affordable folk recipes.

Rinse your nose with mild saline

This method is not only actively used in traditional medicine due to its availability and low cost, but also is a way to alleviate the condition with nasal congestion, which approved by doctors.

It is very easy to prepare saline at home: 1 liter add boiled water 2 teaspoons salt (without slide) and mix thoroughly. You can bury your nose with such a tool 6-8 timespicking half a pipette into each nostril.

Preparation of saline solution for washing the nose

The tool will be more effective if, instead of table salt, you use marine.

Thanks to salt washing:

  • the nasal cavity is cleaned of crusts and mucus, as well as dust
  • the solution can improve the work of capillaries and mucous membranes, which will lead to improved local immunity
  • relieve puffiness
  • disinfect the nasal cavity
Rinse nose

In addition to means that relieve rhinitis, saline can be used as a prophylactic and for daily washing, as well as a component of complex therapy for sinusitis and sinusitis.

Nasal instillation with onion juice

If the nose is blocked and breathing becomes difficult, it will help restore respiratory function onion juice.

This remedy is so strong that it instantly pierces the nose and acts much more effective than advertised vasoconstrictor drops for the nose.

Onions - an effective tool that facilitates nasal breathing

To prepare this folk remedy, clean one onion from the peel, wash well and grate it on a fine grater.

Received gruel transfer to a sterile section of gauze and, wrapping, squeeze into a spoon or pile onion juice. The resulting concentrate dilute half with water and the tool can be safely instilled into the nose with a pipette.

Onion juice

Concentrated Onion Juice Can burn mucous, therefore, digging it into your nose in its pure form is prohibited!

Potato Steam Inhalation

You can break through nasal breathing with the help of inhalation. For this it is necessary several potatoes (4-5 large or about 10 small), which must be washed and put in a pan. Fill them with water and put on fire.

Potato inhalation

When the potatoes are completely cooked, you can start the procedure: sit in a comfortable position over the pancover your head with a towel and breathe potato steam. After this procedure, nasal breathing will be restored for a while, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to cure the cause of the common cold in this way.

How to treat a runny nose folk remedies in children?

Elimination of excess mucus and relief of breathing with nasal congestion in children has its own specifics. As for folk remedies, in contrast to recipes for adults, only mild and safe methods eliminate a runny nose.

Runny nose in children

Treatment of the common cold in infants contraindicated on the basis of grandmother's recipes - Only a qualified pediatrician, assessing the risks and health benefits, can prescribe the right pharmacy drugs to eliminate the common cold.

Common among many mothers (and even many pediatricians of the old school), the method of instillation of the baby's nose with breast milk not only inactive, but also extremely dangerous, because breast milk is a breeding ground for many bacteria. Therefore, such treatment can only harm the child.

Runny nose in infants should be treated only under the supervision of a pediatrician

Among the popular methods of treatment for children, the most productive saline instillation. Only in the case of childhood rhinitis, the concentration of the solution should be weaker than for adults: 1 liter boiled water must be added 1 teaspoon salt. You can bury a child’s nose with such a tool no more than 6 times in a day.

In addition, if the child snot became not transparent, but green or yellow (when a bacterial infection also joins the viral infection that provoked the disease), you can dig in your nose with a cooled decoction of chamomile. Antiseptic effect this plant will destroy pathogenic bacteria.

Chamomile broth

For cooking chamomile decoction need a tablespoon of flowers or herbal chamomile pharmacy pour a glass of boiling water and leave to cool completely. Two drops of the drug are instilled using a pipette 4 times a day into each nostril.

Chamomile decoction, as well as decoctions of other useful herbs, such as eucalyptus, succession, juniper, calendula can be used for inhalation with a cold in a child. Also effective for this alkaline mineral waters.

Eucalyptus decoction can also be buried in the nose

You can resume nasal breathing and reduce mucus secretion. with a boiled egg. To do this, hot, only with boiling water, wrap the egg in a handkerchief, folded several times, and roll the egg in the sinuses and maxillary sinuses, nose wings, nose bridge and forehead. It is necessary to make such manipulations not less than 20 minuteswhen the egg starts to cool, you can roll it without a handkerchief.

Warming up the nose should be done only if the snot have transparent color. When warming up the green, bacterial snot, the situation will significantly worsen and it threatens to complicate.

Boiled Egg Warming

Folk remedies for the common cold during pregnancy

During pregnancy the use of almost all drugs is not recommended, and when there is such an unpleasant condition as nasal congestion, then you can alleviate the condition with folk remedies. Of course, this should be done only after consultation with a doctorwho will approve the alternative treatment method.

Among the folk remedies allowed to a pregnant woman with nasal congestion, there are:

  • grass juices
  • decoctions
  • nose warming
  • salt wash
Runny nose during pregnancy

In addition to frequent rinsing the nose with saline, you can also bury it with the juice of domestic plants. If the mucus in the nose is already green or yellow, then you can alleviate the condition if among your house plants there are scarlet or Kalanchoe.

Squeeze the juice from the leaf of the plant and, using a pipette, drip two drops into each nostril. Repeating the procedure 3-4 times a day You can quickly achieve the desired result.

Pregnant women can also instill onion juice in their nose, but it must be diluted with oil

If breathing is difficult, then you can dig in the nose with onion juice, but the recipe for this remedy for a pregnant woman will be slightly different from the traditional one:

  1. Peel the onion and grate
    2. Squeeze juice out of the pulp
    3. Add 3 drops concentrated onion juice to 1 teaspoon olive oil (it should not be cold, but slightly warmed up)

You can bury your nose with such a tool 3 times 2 drops into each nostril.

For colds accompanied by a runny nose, it is good to breathe onions.

There is an alternative cooking recipe. onion drops. Chop the medium onion and put it in a jar. Add to the onion 100 ml vegetable oil and insist for12 hours. Bury the resulting product 4 times one drop per day, but not longer than during the week.

Pregnant women can also irrigate the nasal passages chamomile broth according to the recipe stated above.

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How to cure a runny nose for a nursing mother with folk remedies?

Lactating women, like pregnant women, they are very limited in medicines, since many of their components can pass into breast milk. Folk remedies pose no danger for crumbs.

Breastfeeding Runny Nose

Mom who is breastfeeding can dig in the nose with various decoctions: chamomile, string, mother and stepmother, thyme. Brew such herbs as follows: 1 tablespoon collect a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes. When the broth has cooled, you can dig 2-3 drops to each nostril no more than 4 times a day.

To alleviate the condition will help and saline flushing - This is an absolutely harmless remedy that does not harm your health and the health of the baby, but only benefits.

Nasal lavage is an effective treatment for rhinitis

How to quickly get rid of a cold with folk remedies?

Completely get rid of a runny nose in an instant, Unfortunately, impossible. This is due to the fact that the secretion of mucus is not a disease, but a symptom that will pass only after eliminating the root causeusually a viral infection or allergen. You can only temporarily alleviate the condition with the help of many folk remedies.

Traditional medicine, therefore, did not go into the official section due to the fact that its methods have not been verified and proven by anyone. Therefore, before using any means be sure to consult a doctor.

Menthol oil

Menthol oil can be used as nasal drops.

To quickly pierce a stuffy nose and temporarily eliminate a runny nose, you can use menthol oil in pure form or its mixture with camphor oil. You should not only dig in your nose 2-3 drops of oil, but also wipe the forehead, nose wings, maxillary sinuses.


Ledum flowers

2 tsp this plant must be poured with a glass of boiling water and cook over low heat 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth is cooled and mixed with vegetable oil in proportion 1: 9. This mixture is boiled within 2 minutes boil and cool. It is necessary to bury the nose three times a day, 2 drops.


Propolis - a valuable beekeeping product

Propolis tincture diluted in water in a ratio of 1:20. From gauze folded several times, form tampon sized to fit in the nostril and blot it into the mixture. Lay the propolis swab one at a time to each nostril for a few minutes.

Treatment of chronic and prolonged rhinitis with folk remedies

If to a viral infection bacterial joined and the mucus in the nose has turned green or yellow-purulent in color, then such a runny nose has every chance go into chronicif you do not take action in time. In folk medicine there is some recipes struggle and with such an ailment.

Laundry soap

Soap from the past is relevant today

Familiar to many since ancient Soviet times, grandmother’s recipe for the treatment of rhinitis with soap does not lose popularity and these days. If you have in your house bar of brown laundry soap with a characteristic mark 72%, then we can assume that you are already saved, and the disease is far behind.

Cotton swab moisten and thoroughly lather with such soap. After that, thoroughly lubricate the nose from the inside, repeating the procedure up to 5 times a day.


Mustard powder

If a runny nose does not go away for a long time, then its treatment will help mustard powder. Only in no case should it be stuffed into the nose or inhaled (although such recipes exist, but they are most likely will do more harm than good) - you just need to pour powder in socks, put on top of the bags and tie them tightly. Mustard Socks Must walk all day.

Onion compress

A compress can be made from onion gruel

Grate grated onions and wrap in gauze or a handkerchief. Apply a package to the maxillary sinuses for 15 minutes, covering the top with a diaper or scarf. Duration of treatment - one week with regularity at least 3 times in a day.

You can not put onions, but just grate and inhale its smell. The procedure is also repeated three times a day.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis with folk remedies

If runny nose is allergic in nature, then all of the above funds will not have the desired effect. In folk medicine, there are recipes for treating rhinitis caused by an allergen, which are rational to use both independently and in the complex of general therapy.

Allergic rhinitis

Runny nose can be treated without many drugs and even without them at all, because around us there are a lot of useful plants and remedies that nature itself has given. Learn to use folk remedies for the benefit of their health, but do not forget that if self-treatment does not bring results, then it is necessary seek qualified help.

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