What needs to be done to spin spinner faster and longer?

To spin the spinner faster and longer, you need to properly care for the bearing. What we’ll talk about in this article today.

Now at the peak of popularity is the spinner, which belongs to the type of anti-stress toys. But young people and children saw in such a toy just the opposite, the subject of competition. After all, they need to find out whose spinner spins faster and longer. And, unfortunately, sometimes the speed of even the most fashionable spinner decreases over time. And how to avoid this, let's talk in this material.

What needs to be done to spin spinner faster and longer?

When you get used to a certain thing, even though it’s a toy, you don’t want to part with it, even when it already starts to work not so effectively. And this happens with a spinner that spun well and for a long time, and then the mechanism went astray. And you must admit, the bad work of the spinner is starting to make you nervous. Therefore, it is worth stocking up a few tricks that will make the spinner spin faster and longer, and better than the previous effect.

Important: It was the idea of ​​reassuring a person in a stressful situation that was laid as the basis for creating the spinner. The calming effect of this toy manifests itself precisely during torsion. After all, a person is interested in accelerating the speed of torsion, and therefore distracted from everyday problems. Therefore, it is so important that the spinner spin quickly and for a long time.

The fastest way is to use alcohol

How to clean the spinner so that it spins faster and longer?

The work of the spinner is precisely in its structure, and it consists of a disguised bearing and wings. It is necessary to push the wing lightly, and it begins to gain momentum. In general, it was determined that a regular plastic spinner should spin for up to 30 seconds. Of course, a spinner with a bearing that is covered with ceramics can spin up to 2 minutes, and a metal toy can last even longer. But, in general, it all depends on the quality of the toy and the ability to respond by hand to speed.

  • To begin, we offer an easy way to resuscitation. You can gently tap the wings of a spinner in an upright position on a surface. It is possible that particles of debris trapped inside interfere with the overall operation of all parts. Knock lightly, because you can break the toy, and then you certainly have to buy a new one.
  • Capital cleaning of the spinner consists in getting rid of dirt and dust. After all, when they get inside the toy, they significantly slow down the movement of the bearing. However, it is also necessary to disassemble the spinner correctly so as not to be left completely without it.
  • To do this, remove the cover on the middle rotating element. This, let’s say, is the heart of the spinner. The top of the lid needs to be fixed with your fingers, but the bottom - start to rotate counterclockwise. Sometimes it is fixed with magnets, so you just need to pry off with a screwdriver. Just do it carefully so as not to break it.
  • It is advisable to extend the bearing itself. If this is not possible, then use solvents with caution. After all, some aggressive substances can corrode in the literal sense of the word, for example, plastic. Therefore, only suitable alcohol. For better cleaning, the bearing must be removed only by gently prying it with a knife blade or the tip of a screwdriver.
  • Also pry and remove the anthers on both sides, if any.

Important: If the bearing is sealed with a sealant, do not even try to pick it out. After all, then it will be impossible to insert it back.

It is better to remove the bearing and remove the anthers from it.
  • Now the bearing needs to be cleaned well. To do this, take any solvent, gasoline or kerosene. Also suitable just soapy water. If you work with aggressive components, then put gloves on your hands. Dip the spinner in any liquid and scroll in different directions several times.
  • Now arm yourself with an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean the item. If necessary, to reach the smallest crevices, use a syringe with a needle that will flush the bearing.
  • After this procedure, you must Rinse the bearing well under running water. But only under cold or cool, otherwise the quality of the bearing will deteriorate and it will fail faster. Also just spin under running water in different directions for a minute.
  • Dry the bearing only with a hairdryer. with cool air and not at maximum power. This will help prevent rust. But with a rag it is not particularly advisable to wipe it, because its miniature fibers can fall between the parts and impair the work of rotation. Therefore, you may not achieve the main goal - that the spinner spins faster and longer.
  • After that, you need to insert it into place and close it with anthers and covers to avoid further ingress of dirt and dust. By the way, washing them periodically is still necessary. After that, the spinner will spin faster and longer, even better than before.
Spinner should be cleaned regularly.

How to care for the spinner so that it spins faster and longer?

  • Check the oil level in the spinner bearing. The work is affected not only by the lack of lubricant, but also by its excessive amount. If an unnecessary amount of grease is found, simply remove it. But with a lack of oil, on the contrary, lubricate.
  • There is still a small catch - without lubrication, the spinner spins faster and longer, but the mechanism itself will wear out faster. And the replacement of the entire bearing will already be needed. You can lubricate the spinner:
    • grease WD-40;
    • synthetic silicone oil;
    • engine oil.
  • But do not forget that the new spinners are sold with grease. Therefore, if you want your spinner to spin faster and longer, then remove it immediately.
  • If you started to hear unusual rumble during torsion of a spinner, which was not there before, then most likely the reason lies in the bearing itself. Need to check it out. The bearing may already have worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • Or maybe just Balls flew out, and they just need to be returned to their original position. This can be done with tweezers.
  • Check whether the bearing is oxidized. If so, then you need to replace it. And the spinner will work again at a new speed.
To extend the life of the spinner, remember to lubricate it.
  • Check the spinner for cracks. Unfortunately, they can not be repaired, so the spinners must be handled carefully. After all, they are easily susceptible to mechanical damage.
  • Sometimes a spinner spins long and fast backlash prevents. If you notice one, then it’s worth inserting a small piece of adhesive tape between the parts of the bearing itself in order to increase the speed of contact.
  • But sometimes it happens that the speed of rotation is hindered, on the contrary, by a large compression. In this case, you just need to rinse and grease well.

As you can see, for the spinner to spin faster and longer, you need to take care of it and clean it in time. It is also worth taking care of it, because carrying it in a pocket where there may even be small debris will not affect its speed and rotation time in the best way.