How to upload, upload a photo: to a story, to a wall, to a group, from a phone, from a computer. How to upload several photos at once? Find out who posted the VK photo: what if someone posted someone else's photos?

How to upload VK photo? Read the detailed instructions in this article.

If you are a registered VK, then you have probably already tried uploading and editing your photos. All users who have a profile in this social network are puzzled only by how to upload a photo and upload it to a wall, to a story, to a group, and so on.

  • Of course, advanced users can do this without problems, but for beginners it is still difficult to add even one photo.
  • In this article we will consider all the problems that may arise when uploading photos of VK.
  • Also here you will find instructions to help you post a photo without difficulty. Read on.

How to upload, upload a photo from a computer: to history, to a wall, to a group

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Upload a photo to the story, to the page, to the wall

So, to upload a photo to your page, follow this instruction:

Click "Add"
  • Go to the section "Photo" on your VK page.
  • Click "Add photos".
  • Then the Windows Explorer opens. Find the folder where your photo is stored.
  • Click on a photo to upload it to VK. Click "Open". The photo will appear in the section "My photos".
  • Now you can choose what you want to do with this photo: "Post to my page" or "Add to album". If you add to the album, then in the next step you need to choose which album. Then the photo will appear in this selected album.
  • If you want to create a new album, then at the same step write the name of the future album, and set the privacy settings: who can view it and so on.
Upload to album or create new album
  • If you selected the publication on the page, then the photo will appear on your wall in your profile.
Post to page

Another option

You can also attach a photo to the wall with two clicks. Do the following:

  • On the wall there are function buttons at the top of all entries. Click on the camera icon.
Click on the camera icon
  • After that, a window will open in which you will see your newly uploaded photo. If you have not uploaded the photo to the VK page, then click on "Upload a photo".
  • If the photo is in the VK album, then click on the image itself.
Click on the picture.
  • It remains only to press "Submit" at the next step, and that’s it - the photo is already flaunting on your VK wall.
Click Submit

As you can see, uploading photo content to a page, to a story or to a VK wall is very simple. Just follow the instructions and in a few seconds everything will be ready.

Put the photo in a group

Uploading a photo on a community page is as simple as uploading it to your page. Do the following:

  • Go to the group.
  • Find the section "Photo albums". Click on the title.
  • A complete list will appear, click on the selected album.
Album list
  • A list of uploaded photos appears. There is a button at the top "Add photo to community album". Click on it. It is worth noting that many groups close this opportunity for users, so this button can not be found on the page with photos in the group.
  • If everything is fine and there is an add button, then click on it and proceed further as we uploaded the photo from the PC or album to our page. All actions have been described above.
The uploaded photo appeared in the group

After that, the added photo will appear in the group album.

How to upload, upload photos from your phone to VK?

If you use VK through the application, then you can upload photos via your phone. But provided that the photo is in the memory of the smartphone. Follow this instruction:

Select the desired section
  • Go to the VK page.
  • Open section "Photo".
Photos section
  • Now go to the album from which you want to download the picture.
  • Then at the top click on the icon "+".
  • A window will appear in which you will be prompted to upload photos from the gallery or take a picture. Select the appropriate option. In our case, "Upload photo from gallery".
  • Now add a photo to your page.
Click the camera icon

You can also upload a photo to the VK wall. Go to the main page of your profile and at the top, above all the posts on the wall, find the camera icon - click on it. Select a photo from the gallery and click Add. That's it - in a couple of seconds the picture will appear on your wall.

If you can’t upload photos

Many VK users cannot upload photos to their VK page. The reasons for this can be very different:

  • Bad internet connection. Perhaps you do not have a network or its speed is low.
  • VKontakte does not work - technical problems or work is underway on the service. This also happens. You just have to wait a bit and then try again.
  • Photos are too large. In VK it is permissible to upload photos no more than 5 MB. Too large photos need to be compressed.

If it seems to you that you are doing everything right, but the photos are not loading, write to the VK support service. Usually the answer comes within one day.

How to upload several photos at once?

Uploading multiple photos at once to VK is not a problem, but remember that you can upload no more than 200 photos at a time. You can do it this way:

Photos uploaded
  • The instructions are similar to uploading a single photo. Go to your profile.
  • Find the section "Photo". Click Add.
  • Select in Windows Explorer all the photos you need to upload right away. To do this, click on the picture and hold the key "Ctrl".
  • Then click "Open". Pictures will start uploading to the VK page.

When all the pictures have been downloaded, click Add to Wall or "Put in album". Done!

How to find out who posted a VK photo: what if someone posted someone else's photos?

It often happens that the user finds his photos from the VK page, posted by another person on anonymous sites, such as "Overheard" or in some VK group. In this case, you can’t do anything to find out who did it. You can only write a complaint to the administrators of the VK and complain about such a post or group. But in this case, you have to prove that this is really your photo.

Now you know how to upload a VK photo and how to solve all the problems associated with uploading pictures to VK pages. Share your pictures with friends, tell your stories, backing up their photos, and you will have one of the most popular social network profiles. Good luck