Sad and beautiful statuses about pain in the soul. Beautiful winged expressions, phrases, quotes about heartache: words

Sad statuses about pain in the soul.

Most often, negative emotions are associated with feelings that have disappeared. Despite the love recently felt by partners, pain, dislike, or even hatred arise. It is with parting that many songs and poems are associated. Statuses about pain will help tell friends about what you have in mind and possibly convey it to your soulmate.

Sad statuses about pain in the soul

Statuses appeared a long time ago. This is due to the fact that with their help you can tell how you feel, or briefly describe the state of affairs. Usually they are used to make it clear to friends that you are in danger or need help. Also tell what condition you are in. The most common are statuses about pain, friendship, and also love. They help to tell others how you feel at the moment, and what you have in mind. If any unpleasant situation has occurred, you can let your friends know that you need help.


I want a heart made of granite, so as not to feel insult, pain, disappointment.

No matter how much my heart hurts, you will not see tears, I am a queen!

I really want to cry, but pride does not allow.

There is no more pain than pain in the heart, a broken heart.

If something hurts - be silent, otherwise they will hit it there.

Today I pour hot tea in pain, sprinkle it with chocolates and drive me out of myself as comedies.

Sadness in the soul does not hide behind dark glasses.

Lips are broken in blood, pain lives in the heart, cold, broken ice are stored in memory.

Welcome to teenage heart break.

There are moments in life when there are no tears in the eyes, and the whole ocean in the heart.

Sadness longing Pain in the soul Pain in the soul Pain in the soul

A bit about pain in the soul: statuses, expressions, catchphrases

Statuses can be changed an unlimited number of times. They can be seen by everyone who visits your page on social networks. Therefore, there is no need for everyone to write, talk about what is happening now. Not necessarily statuses should be sad content, it can be some kind of aphorism, a funny joke or an interesting phrase that will help cheer your friends up. We recommend using statuses. This will cheer up your friends and tell you that you need help.

The list of statuses about pain:

Know how to forgive and let go so as not to aggravate the pain.

Yes, it hurts, but I keep my back straight and do not show pain!

It is fresh on the heart, sad on the soul. The emptiness around is some strange feeling.

If I am silent, this does not mean that it does not hurt me.

The funniest people have the saddest soul.

I wonder if I'm the only one trying to drown out the pain in the headphones at full volume?

In the world there is an end to everything: love, tears, suffering, but there is no end to only one thing - memory.

Sadness longing When it hurts When it hurts When it hurts

Beautiful statuses about pain in the soul

Please note that statuses in social networks are very often used by employers who accept candidates for work. Now in many companies it has become popular to control and monitor the lives of their colleagues on social networks. This will help to find out who spends their working time and prioritize. Few of the employers will want to hire a girl who is constantly on parties or with a huge number of different boyfriends on Instagram or Vkontakte.

Try not to very often post statuses about pain in your account, because the employer or your friends may consider you a melancholy person with a bad mood.

Therefore, before giving your phone to employers, delete all doubtful pages or conduct an audit. Delete all the statuses of strange, vulgar content, as well as photos that may compromise you. With the help of status, you can judge the nature of a person. This is also an important point. In order not to seem boring, you can set humorous statuses or some kind of jokes.

I smile to hide the pain. I laugh to hide the tears. And I dream to forget!

It’s just really painful and I don’t have the strength to say: “Enough, enough with me.”

Do not regret that love hurt me.

If a person brings a lot of pain, it does not matter how much he brings joy.

Pain is never pleasant and instructive, because it sometimes kills even the most powerful.

When it hurts

Statuses about pain can tell you how you feel. Very often they are addressed to some one person who, in principle, became the culprit, made you unpleasant. But very often such messages do not reach the addressee. Therefore, if you want to talk with a person, do it face to face. But many modern teens, as well as young people, even make declarations of love through social networks, using statuses.

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